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We Need to Know: The Consequences of Bonnie’s Spell on The Vampire Diaries “As I Lay Dying” 

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

I gasped out loud when Sheriff Forbes shot Jeremy. And then I started talking to the screen trying to convince myself that he was ok. Even when was dying, I still thought things might be ok. Jeremy had his ring on. The only problem was he didn’t die of supernatural causes. Without that, the ring doesn’t work. Then Caroline vamped out in front of her mother (loved that, by the way) and tired to feed Jeremy some of her blood. But it was too late; he was already dead. That’s when Bonnie literally had to work her magic.

Bonnie knew it was a risk to take Jeremy to the mansion and ask the witches for their help so soon after they turned her down about Damon. But as she told them, she loves Jeremy. When they warn her there will be consequences I assumed those consequences would only affect Bonnie. Bonnie’s already been through so much but she’s a Bennett, she can handle it. And, honestly, I wanted her to do whatever was necessary to save Jeremy. Can you imagine how devastated Elena (not to mention Bonnie, obviously) would have been if Jeremy really was dead? I would have been devastated too.

But after Bonnie brings him back something’s not right. Jeremy says he feels different. He’s doing internet searches about coming back from the dead and feeling a little off. He manages to shake it off until he hears something in the middle of the night. What or who could it be? Anna and Vicki, that’s who. The problem? They’re dead. The other problem? They’re dead vampires. I can’t even tell you how excited I am that Jeremy is seeing dead people. But why these two dead people? Will he see any more? What do they want?

And what about Bonnie? Will she also face some consequences from what she’s done? If so, what will they be? I hope she doesn’t lose her powers. I love that she’s become such a badass witch. And if a balance truly is to be maintained (which is doubtful considering Klaus can change at will), what will Bonnie have to sacrifice to make that happen? What will bringing Jeremy back really cost her and is she prepared to pay that price? What’s if it’s the ultimate price?

What an exciting, well done episode. I’m looking forward to a summer spend obsessing and speculating over this show. Yeah, I’m weird. Bite me.

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