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Finale Watch: Nikita “Pandora” 

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW

Dear CW:
I know we’re about to find out soon since upfronts are next week but you really need to greenlight a Season 2 for Nikita. The finale set up so many interesting things, it would be criminal to end it all now. The episode was intense, had great drama and surprises. Other thoughts:

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW
  • It bums me out that Nikita and Alex are in opposition at this point. Nikita has to let Alex go, almost like a parent has to find a way to let their kid leave the nest to go to college. Alex has her own agenda now and that’s the road she’s on. Of course, on the way to killing the man who ordered her family’s murder, there’s a bit of a detour. Some secret organization that’s not Division (called Oversight) has forcefully enlisted her talents to track down Nikita, the “number one threat to national security.” I may not like the fact Nikita and Alex are no longer working together but I certainly think this new wrinkle in their relationship will be fun to see play out in Season 2, should there be one (and there will be — I have faith).
  • Percy seems to be the odd man out. Oversight really has no time for him. Awesome. And what is this organization, anyway? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • I like how Birkhoff was working with Michael.
  • The Nikita-Alex scene at the loft was crazy good. We had seen them working together for so long; it’s hard to now see them with conflicting or actually separate agendas. Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca really stepped up their game for that scene.
  • How badass is Michael? I am loving Shane West on this show.
Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW
  • Can we talk Amanda? I couldn’t believe she killed Alex’s kill chip and then let her go. I like her being part of Oversight. This seems like it’ll set up some even better stuff for Amanda (and, more importantly, Melinda Clarke). What does this mean for Percy though? Does everything that happened in the finale render him useless?
  • That last scene when Michael picks up Nikita and they drive off — I’m such a sucker for these two. It’s so sweet even though they both knew their lives got instantly harder. Not that their lives were a cakewalk before. Michael and NIkita are off to right their wrongs they inflicted during their time in Division thanks to Birkhoff decrypting one of those Percy black boxes.
  • Can I just give end-of-the-year kudos to this show for getting their big couple together in the first season? Sure there is history there but It’s so refreshing you don’t even know. Sometimes I grow weary of following these couples and their “will they or won’t they” existences. Mikita didn’t happen right away which is so great. The show took a little time but not too much time. The way TPTB at Nikita did it was just right.

Now back to my original purpose for writing this column. I think I don’t have anything to worry about because I know you guys are going to give us some positive news regarding the second season for this show. However, I am hoping the TV show gods come through. Nikita deserves a spot on your fall schedule, CW; maybe on the same night as Supernatural? Just a thought…

Thanks in advance.

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