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Brothers and Sisters “Walker Down the Aisle” 

Photo Credit: ABC

It’s the end of the season and the end of this series. I have to say I’m a little sad. Personally I think there is more left in those Walkers but here’s where we leave them:
Sarah. She and Luc finally marry. But not before she has to go a little nutty. As you know Sarah just found out Brody is her biological father. She doesn’t want anything to do with him and doesn’t want her mother to have anything to do with him. But right before her wedding she runs outside for a moment and who does she bump into? Brody. They have a nice little talk and he ends up walking her down the aisle.  Ah…We also find out that she has a crazy half-sister who has crashed the wedding. (Could have been a cliffhanger!)

Nora. She’s in love with Brody, but her daughter doesn’t want her to have contact with him. Well, it’s all good cause now Sarah has accepted him and her family is in a good place.

Justin. Justin’s old girlfriend - who he has hooked up with - is married. But she has not told anyone that she and her husband are separated. This bothers Justin at first, but after she explains the situation things seem to be good.

Kevin. Kevin and Scotty now have their family. Kevin is the wedding planner for Sarah and there is a lot of comedy that ensues.  How can ABC take Kevin away? First Erica Kane and now this? But I digress…

Sal. Jonathan proposes and Sal says yes. After all the years that Sal was in the closet, it’s nice that he has found someone to share his life with.

Kitty. Kitty is pregnant but there could be complications because of her cancer. (see ABC, you should have come back to wrap this up!)

This is my last blog for Brothers and Sisters. I want to say thank you to the producers of the show for bringing us the Walkers.

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