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Moment of Goodness

It’s Complicated: Lois Breaks Up With Clark, Smallville “Phrophecy” 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Lois thinks she’s breaking up with Clark to protect him but part of that is self preservation as well. I’m sure she’s freaked. Is she making the right choice? Is this right for her? Is it right for Clark? What if their relationship prevents Clark from becoming who he’s supposed to be?

If any two people belonged together in the world of make believe, it’s these two. I’m not sure they need to get married now but they do belong together. And we’ve all seen the photo above (or, by now you have). So we know that Clark at least gets her to the church and halfway down the aisle. It’s up to him to actually get that ring on her finger.

Lois is a handful and I wouldn’t want her any other way. I love that this breakup happens right before the SERIES FINALE for a few reasons. Let’s explore:

1. The producers are trying to defy expectations and I like it. We all think we know how it’s going to end (or begin?). Clark has gone from a boy to a man and now he’s ready for flights and tights. I think the writers are wise to throw us a few curveballs before we saw goodbye to Smallville forever. I think Lois has every right to be even more cautious about this union after Jor-El’s little gift. For the first time ever she understands the crushing responsibility to takes to be Superman (sorry, the Blur; he’s not super yet). I like that Lois has this perspective. Again, I know they’ll get married so I’m really not sweating it.

2. If Lois and Clark’s wedding goes off without a hitch we’re in for a boring 2-hour series finale. There should be last minute jitters. There should be those final nagging questions. Lois has got to wonder if she’s really “the one.” Sure Clark has chosen Lois to make a life bond with but is she sure she’s the right person for the job? What if the right person for Clark isn’t really a person at all, but another alien? We know the mythology so we know they belong together forever but do Lois and Clark really know that? I hope they spend the rest of their relationship getting to know each other better, challenging each other, and making the world a better place for themselves and others.

3. Clark’s life would be too easy if Lois wasn’t always getting herself in trouble. And if breaking up with him right before the wedding isn’t trouble, then what is? I know Lois Lane isn’t for everyone but I like that she’s fiesty and spirited and driven. I like that she can sniff out any story in places a lot of people would never stick their noses. Maybe she shouldn’t always go charging in as if there aren’t consquences and danger, but somehow she always manages to get herself out of a jam – with or without Clark’s help. Lois challenges Clark and gives him something to fight for and come home to every night. He’d be a very different person without her in her life.

I don’t know about you but I’m extremely excited for tomorrow night’s series finale. I’m looking forward to Lex and Chloe’s return and I’m sure we’ll get some surprises along the way.

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