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Finale Preview: Does Alicia Finally Choose Will on The Good Wife? 

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If you read TV Guide Magazine (on stands now) you are privy to some very exciting spoilerific information. And who does the teasing? The one and only Josh Charles. We don’t usually get too much from him – in fact, I can’t even remember the last time he gave an interview about The Good Wife – so this is that much more exciting. Ok, enough teasing from me. I’ll share what I think I know.

1. Will ends up being in the middle of a Kalinda/Alicia sandwich. Ok, that was much dirtier than I intended. In this week’s episode Kalinda gave her notice and found a new job. But she ended up back at Lockhart Gardner after discovering she’d have to work for Chris Noth‘s Peter Florrick at her new job. Will Gardner didn’t want to see Kalinda go in the first place so he’s more than pleased to have her back. And let’s face it, the firm needs Kalinda. She’s the best investigator they’ve ever had because she’ll do whatever needs to be done to help the film get the information they need. She’s been known to bend and break the rules but she gets results – either helping clients get off or getting the attorney’s all the information they need to mount a defense. Whatever happens in next week’s finale, Will finds himself smack dab in the middle of what’s going on with Alicia and Kalinda.

2. Will has to ask Peter for help. Talk about a tense situation. As Titus Welliver‘s Glenn Childs leaves office he’s determined to go out in a blaze of glory. Not only is he unwilling to come to some sort of deal on a murder charge against a Lockhart Gardner client (we got a very brief preview of this case at the end of this week’s episode), I’m sure Glenn is also trying to make prove something to Peter before his last day as the State’s attorney. I’m not sure what Will thinks he can accomplish by going to Peter, but Josh Charles describes it as “an interesting scene with lots of subtext.” I’m sure they’re both trying to feel each other out – maybe a little about the case but mostly about Alicia. It’s so delectable I’m not even sure I can stand it.

3. Will and Tammy’s relationship might be explored…in season three. It sounds like Elizabeth Reaser has made some sort of deal to return next season (or maybe her deal was always for at least two seasons). I could be seeing something that’s not there but I like the complication of having Tammy stick around. In any case, just because things seem to be heating up between Will and Alicia doesn’t mean things are over between Will and Tammy. As Josh Charles says, his relationship with Tammy “forces him to make decisions about what he really wants. A lot of that will be explored next season.” I knew the writers would never give us an easy answer to the Will and Alicia equation, and that’s far from what I want. Alicia and Will are complicated. We have to remember they’ve had history since they were in law school. Their entire relationship has been on such a slow burn that it might not be possible for them to turn the heat up this hot or this fast. I’m in for the ride either way. I don’t want the relationship to progress so slowly that nothing ever happens but I like the tease, the anticipation. It’s been fun. It all makes me so curious to know what goes on in the writer’s room. Do they want Will and Alicia together or apart? Do they want Alicia and Peter together again? Can she even forgive him again? I can’t imagine either Will or Alicia is ready for something too serious too fast. I don’t think Alicia wants to be tied down right now. I wonder what Will wants.

Whatever happens in next week’s finale, I do know one thing: I’m rooting for Alicia. I want to see her take some risks and make some mistakes. I want her to do what’s right for her and put herself first. But most of all, I want it to be Tuesday already. Who’s with me?

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