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Reality Fix: ANTM “Daniella Issa Helayel” 

Photo Credit: Friedman Hauss/Pottle Productions Inc

I don’t know about you but I’m so happy Alexandria finally got eliminated from ANTM. I do think she took some great pictures and she’s proven she’s good at go-sees. The problem is she’s so controlling and controlled on set that photographers and directors (and viewers of this show) can become frustrated with her. And that’s a problem. I think her need to be in control at all times will be her downfall in the industry.

Considering how poorly both Alexandria and Hannah’s photo shoots went, I’m glad Hannah was the last man standing between the two of them. I’m relieved the judges gave Hannah another chance. She’s so much more worthy than Alexandria. Let’s talk about how the rest of the girls performed this week.

Photo credit: Walter Sassard/The CW

I liked this challenge. I was so surprised and pleased that Brittani performed so well under pressure. Alexandria went got cocky and that was her downfall. Hannah was too timid and by the looks of things has almost no rythm. And Molly, once again, showed us that bad attitude.

Photo Credit: Friedman Hauss/Pottle Productions Inc

This is such a disappointing picture. Her face is doing nothing and she listened to almost nothing Mr. Jay or the photographer said. If she doesn’t step up next week she needs to go home.

Photo Credit: Friedman Hauss/Pottle Productions Inc

It’s weird that we can’t see her other arm but I love this picture and thought she worked so well with the photographer. I’m not convinced this is her best shot. It makes me wonder why Tyra chose this one.

Photo Credit: Friedman Hauss/Pottle Productions Inc

I love this photo but I too am tired of Molly’s fierce face. I want to see some softness, maybe a smile. I’m not convinced she can pull that off but if she wants to be a top model she has to portray more than just one or two emotions.

I’m pretty excited to see which two models will face off in the finale. I’d like it to be Molly and Brittani. The preview for next week gave me pause though. We’ll see what happens.

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