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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Leslie Plans Ron’s Birthday Surprise on Parks and Rec “Eagleton” 

Photo Credit: NBC

Ron might call Leslie horrifying because she’s so thoughtful but I’ll call her an evil genius. To throw all those red herrings at Ron to make him think she was planning him the kind of party that he’d hate? Genius meets evil. I love that April and Andy were in on the joke and did a lot (and so convincingly) to make Ron so paranoid. He looks terrified when Leslie informs him of a “meeting” they are both called to at the last second. He actually flinches when she opens the door. And when no one jumps out to suprise Ron? Nice. When she showed him just what was waiting for him in the conference room? Even nicer. And she made me cry with all her horrifying thoughfulness. What a surprising and touching moment of warm and fuzzy goodness.

Photo Credit: NBC

I don’t know what it is about this show but I seem to love it more with each episode. This week takes the gang to Eagleton for a confrontation with Leslie’s former co-worker.  Her rivalry with ex-bestie Parker Posey‘s Lindsay Carlisle Shay is so funny and so like Leslie. I love that she’s momentarily knocked of her high horse (pun intended!) and wants to play down in the dirt. In fact, my bonus moment comes when Leslie lays a flying tackle on Lindsay after throwing her into a pile of garbage. Evil meet genius. I could not stop laughing. Actually, the entire episode was a moment of goodness. There were more laugh-out-loud funny lines then I can write down (although I may do that later; stay tuned) and great sight-gags. Eagleton does seems like a great town but I’d want to be wherever Leslie is. She’s Pawnee born and bred and I can’t imagine her anywhere else.

Ok, one more bonus moment of goodness: Rob Lowe‘s Chris Traeger kissing Ron on the lips. ON. THE. LIPS. Did you see Ron’s reaction? I’m laughing now just thinking about it.

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