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Speculate This: Will Michael Betray Nikita? 

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW

I was shocked at the end of “Glass Houses” to discover Amanda (or, more likely, someone at Division) had implanted a cochlear listening device on Jaden. Even in death Jaden is still causing problems for Alex. Now that Amanda knows Alex is Nikita’s mole, what’s she going to do about it? The picture above might give you some clues. Whatever happens between Alex and Amanda, here’s my burning question: What is Michael going to do about it? We know what Nikita would want but is Michael ready reveal himself as a double agent? Can he divorce himself from Division permanently? I don’t think so. At least, not yet.

Perhaps “betrayal” is too strong but I think Michael will do what he thinks is necessary to ultimately bring Percy down and he might not consult Nikita on that decision. Or if he does, he might not do what Nikita wants him to do. And Nikita might see that as a betrayal.  I think Michael will give Nikita’s needs and wishes weight in any decisions that need to be made but he knows Percy better than anyone. He knows what to do to bring Percy down. Can Nikita and Michael bring Division down without keeping close and constant tabs on Percy? There’s just no way.

I do love Nikita and Michael together but she’s in a very different headspace than he is. She’s been working against Division for so long it’s become second nature to her; Michael’s the newbie here. As he’s said before, Michael is all about planning for catasphrophe and that will definitely be tested in tonight’s episode. With Alex in peril, we know Nikita will want Michael to step in and do what he can to save Alex’s life and get her out of danger. He might have to expose himself as a double agent in the process and I can’t imagine Nikita would have a problem with that as long as Alex is safe. But I think the best way to track Percy and eventually bring Division down is to have someone on the inside. And that person needs to be Michael. Percy trusts him and I can’t image many circumstances under which Percy would question his loyalty. Even if he does, Michael always manages to emerge looking like the ally and underling Percy wants and needs.

I think tonight will test Michael and Nikita on every level – emotionally, physically, mentally – and I’m not sure their relationship can survive. I don’t want to see them apart but I’m going to assume the show will get renewed. They’ll have plenty of time to reconcile and be together next season. I’s also like to see Owen further complicate things. And if he’s around next season, he will.

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