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Relationship Recap: Caroline and Matt vs. Caroline and Tyler on The Vampire Diaries 

Photo Credit: The CW

While I love the drama and heartache/heartbreak of Elena, Stefan, and Damon on The Vampire Diaries every week I’ve gotta spread the love a little. We didn’t even get a hint of Bonnie and Jeremy last week (which I’m reluctantly ok with – for now), but we got some great stuff with Caroline, Matt, and Tyler. All the emotions/feelings/secrets between these three is turning into another awesome threesome. I mean triangle. Let’s explore that.

Photo Credit: The CW

I feel like the Caroline/Tyler shippers are very vocal but I also know people who love Caroline/Matt. I think the most suprising and satisfying development for me has been to see Matt realize Caroline is still somewhere in there; she’s not just a heartless vampire. For a while I thought that would be all Matt saw when he looked at Caroline but that’s not what she is at all. And with Tyler, Caroline has been someone he could count on during this very confusing and difficult time for him. She knows exactly what he’s going through because they’ve both had new “lifestyles” thrust upon them recently: Caroline when Katherine turned her into a vampire and Tyler when he accidentally killed someone and triggered his curse.

Why I like Caroline and Matt. He’s stable without being boring, he still cares for her even though he knows what she is, and he’s damn good in a jam. Caroline kind of won the lottery with him. Stefan has said that when someone is turned all of their emotions are heightened: they love more fiercely but depression can cast them into the depths of despair. Caroline loved Matt before she was turned so this should be an easy choice, right? Wrong.

Why I like Caroline with Tyler. He’s a monster just like her. Harsh, but true. He was forced into his new way of life and has just been trying to adapt and adjust. And Caroline has been there for him every step of the way. How could he not want to be there for her in return? How could he not develop feelings for her? Caroline has been such a different person since she’s become a vampire: in control, more confident, more decisive. And that’s more attractive to everyone.

But who does Caroline belong with? I’m torn but if you made me pick right now I’d say…Tyler. Given the premise of this show maybe I think what they have is sexier? It’s definitely dangerous and could lead to one or both of their deaths. Just the thought of a vampire and a werewolf being friends is alien. Can you imagine if they were more? It broke my heart a little when Tyler returned to town and Caroline had to stumble upon him to even know he was there. And she seemed so hurt that he’d even left in the first place and for so long. But then I think about Matt. He’s been there for her, somewhat reluctantly at first. But forcing himself to pretend everything’s ok and spend time with her has taught him something. The Caroline he feel in love with him is still there. Yes, she’s a vampire but she still cares about him and loves him. It probably would have been better if she’d come clean with him but she didn’t. She’s got a tough decision to make because she definitely going to have to choose soon. Or the choice might be made for her. Who do you want to see her end up with?

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