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Catching Up On Brothers And Sisters 

I’m sorry for not being on the ball lately.  I’m behind three weeks, so instead of rehashing I figured I would talk about the important stuff.

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Sarah Walker is not a Walker after all. When Brody came back into Nora’s life (her high school boyfriend, played by Beau BridgesNorma Rae reunion!), it was determined that he was not Sarah’s biological father. When Justin thinks Brody might be sick and keeping it from Nora, his co-worker gets a hold of Brody’s medical chart. (By the way, totally illegal - but thank God for the guy from October Road who plays his co-worker. Random reference, I know.) Justin discovers that Brody lied to Nora about his blood type. When Justin confronts Brody, he says that Justin can never tell anyone. So just as Brody and Nora find each other he takes a walk out of her life again. Message for Brody: you can’t have the Walkers keep secrets from each other; it’s just not possible. Justin and Nora get DNA samples from a hat that Brody left and a brush from Sarah. Well, you know the rest. When Sarah finds out she decides she wants nothing to do with Brody and asks Nora to she do the same. But on the last episode Sarah walks in on Brody and Nora asleep on Nora’s couch. Nora wakes up and Sarah walks out…duh, duh, duh….

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Kevin and Scotty wanted to start a family. Scotty had a friend, Michelle, who agreed to be the surrogate. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage. Or at least that is what she told the guys. She then disappeared to New York. Of course, Kevin and Scotty got their family by adopting Olivia. One day while Scotty and Olivia are getting ice cream they bump into Michelle. Michelle seems nervous and scared. It’s very strange considering that Scotty was supposed to be her best friend. They find her at the airport and she has a baby in her arms. Surprise, she never had the miscarriage. Scotty and Kevin get the baby back, but now they have to deal with Olivia feeling like the second choice. Olivia even runs away to her old foster home. The guys explain to her that they are all a family now and hopefully they live happily ever after.

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Kitty. She hasn’t really been on except to help Sarah deal with the new Dad issue. I’m sure she will be at the big Sarah/Luc wedding. Calista is married to Harrison Ford, she really doesn’t need to work.

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Nora is finally reunited with her true love. She also finds out that William Walker manipulated Brody to lie about his blood type so that Nora could go on with her life. Nora’s life is in turmoil because her Sarah is making her chose between her and her greatest love. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Saul is always trying to protect his family. He tries to get Sarah and Luc to have a pre-nup before their wedding. This makes Sarah really angry at him and she says a few things she probably wishes she never said. All Saul wants is to make sure his family is happy and protected. What’s wrong with that?

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Justin. Oh, poor Justin. He had to be the keeper of everyone’s secrets. At first it was pretty funny, but it wasn’t fair to him. As I said before, you can never keep a secret in the Walker family! So give poor Justin a break (or give him to me!)

This Sunday might be the last episode ever of Brothers and Sisters unless this happens. I hope not because not only does this show make me laugh, but it also touches the heart. Keep your positive thoughts out that ABC doesn’t cancel them like they canceled two iconic soaps!  But that’s another story….

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