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Premature Infatuation: Poe 

If you’re anything like us, you pay a lot of attention during pilot season. I like to track which of my favorite actors have been cast, if any writers/producer/directors I admire have been attached to any shows, and what fresh and new (or old and boring) concepts/genres might make an appearance on my TV come fall. I haven’t seen a script or a pilot, I’m just excited (or obsessed) based on what little information I know. My next pick is: Poe.

The concept: Per deadline Poe is a crime procedural following Edgar Allan Poe (Chris Egan), the world’s very first detective, as he uses unconventional methods to investigate dark mysteries in 1840s Boston.

Dan Lin

The pedigree: The first name that caught my eye when I was reading the description of this show was Dan Lin, who was the executive producer on Sherlock Holmes. It got me very excited because I thought that movie was extremely well done and very different than I imagined it might be.

The writer: Chris Hollier. You know him from either Alias or Kyle XY but this is his first time as a showrunner. He doesn’t have that much experience so I’m impressed that ABC is giving him a chance like this.

Natalie DormerÂ

The talent: Natalie Dormer. I know her and love her from The Tudors. As Anne Boylen she was by turns loving, shrewd, devious, manipulating, conniving, and sad. I was actually moved when they showed her death scene, even knowing everything she did. It takes a lot of skill to make you care about someone even when you hate what they’re doing. I don’t know what her role is here but I excited to find out.

Chris Egan

Chris Egan. Best known for soap opera Home and Away in his native Australia, you might recognize him from Everwood, Vanished, or Kings on the small screen. I remember all the hype surrounding Kings – mostly because of Ian McShane – but I never got around to watching it. So he’s new to me. I like that he’s so different from who I would picture in this role.

Tabrett Bethell, Kevin McNally, Ari Cohen, Stephen Bogaert, and Leslie Odom Jr. also star.

Why I’ll be watching: I love procedurals. I really don’t know what it is, but well done procedurals really draw me in. Also, according to EW, “One supporting character is a female who works at a newspaper, another one of the first African-American doctors [both characters are fictional]. They’re people who are always being underestimated in society.” I love it when period pieces help defy expectations of the time and place. It makes it more exciting for me and really invests me in the lives of the people depicted. My one caveat is this: I hope it’s dark. It doesn’t have to be pitch black but I’d like it to be a little edgy and unexpected.

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