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Premature Infatuation: Georgetown 

Next up in the possible, maybe contenders for fall that have us prematurely infatuated, Georgetown for ABC.

Heather’s Take

Lord knows that D.C. dramas have been done to death, and the closest cousin to what Georgetown seems to want to be is 2000’s Mark Paul-Gosselaar vehicle, appropriately titled D.C.,  about a DC-based tribe of young pretties, which flamed out after episode seven. Now ABC is at it with Georgetown.The gist of Georgetown is 20something staffers in D.C. with all their tangential relationship whatnot. I’m guessing a little bit St. Elmo’s and a lot Grey’s Anatomy. Josh Schwartz, who’s pedigree includes Gossip Girl, Chuck, and The O.C. is an old hat at this kind of show and he’s wearing the EP banner here, so I’d expect relationship drama, backstabbing, secret addictions, etc. The pilot filmed in New York earlier this spring.

What makes the grade for us on this one is casting, casting, casting.

Katie Cassidy


Katie Cassidy! James Wolk! Boris Kodjoe! Kevin Zegers! So much pretty in one place. The crowning casting for me is Wendy Crewson, who most folks in the U.S. know from the Santa Clause flicks, but trust me when I tell you she is a genius character actress. She’s never crossed over to mainstream success in the US but is very well regarded in Canada, and rightly so. She is set to play GOP minority house leader. LOVE her when she’s uptight.

Three of the cast–Cassidy, Wolk, and Kodjoe–have just come off of buzzworthy shows that didn’t take hold: Tina will tackle the boys in a minute.

Katie Cassidy moved from Supernatural to Harper’s Island (awesome, but a single season) to Melrose Place, which didn’t take off the way the 90210 reboot did and wasn’t renewed, to a stint on Gossip Girl. I’d like to see her land in something that goes more than one season. She always does interesting work. Here she’s playing a staffer in the White House Communications Office.

Kevin Zegers

Kevin Zegers was most recently in Gossip Girl, but I’ve been a fan since his kiddie success in the Air Bud franchise; he was always very good in those films (shut it, he was!), and he held his own opposite Gena Rowlands in Paul Johansson’s film, The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie. I’d love to have him on TV every week.

We’ll see where this lands if it gets a go. ABC is going to have slots this fall, we just don’t know how many yet.

Kara’s Take

James Wolk

I’m really not sure why Lone Star tanked so hard or so fast, but that show introduced me to James Wolk so I can’t be mad at it. In fact, I liked Lone Star(as did almost every critic who watched the show) and I thought it showcased James Wolk in a great way. He was so conflicted yet utterly believable as a reluctant con man. It was love – for his wife and his financee – that made him want to walk the straight and narrow. I believed it and I was ready to go along for the ride. Despite that experience, I’m happy to hear James Wolk might be back on TV this fall in Georgetown. He plays a disillusioned speech writer who is thinking of switching teams. Democrat to Republican. What did you think I meant? He’s charming, brilliant, and highly intelligent. I’m in love already.

Tina’s Take

Boris Kodjoe

When Boris Kodjoe signed on to NBC’s Undercovers, I thought it was a great decision on his part. It was a no-brainer. It was a J.J. Abrams show set in the spy world, which is a popular genre on TV these days. Plus, he was paired with the equally stunning Gugu Mbatha-Raw. The two shared some seriously sizzling chemistry. Even though Undercovers sizzled on paper; it fizzled on our small screens. The show just didn’t pack the punch needed to keep it on the air. Thankfully, Kodjoe didn’t stay away for long. He quickly signed on to do the Georgetown pilot where he plays the Democratic president’s senior adviser. So expect him to be fierce, smart and, of course, sexy. Although, isn’t he always?

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