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Justified: 3 Things You’ll Love About “Reckoning” 

Photo Credit: FX

I can’t believe we’ve already arrived at the penultimate episode of Justified‘s stellar sophomore season. I could spend this week reminiscing about all the great guest stars who’ve visited Harlan, or the intricate and interesting storyline, or even in the the treat of getting to know Art, Rachel, and Tim better. But I’ll save some or all of that for next week. Today I want to tease you about “Reckoning,” which I previewed a few days ago. Here are the 3 reasons I think you’ll love this episode.

1. Two-Pump Chump. It’s simple. It’s elegant. It speaks volumes. It’s also safe to say the person these words are uttered to is surprising. What’s even more surprising – and at the same time touching – is that he gives the prostitute her money after she calls him this.

2. Quick Draw McGraw. You think you know who these words are referring to but you have no idea. If you’ve watched the previews or know anything about this episode, you know both Raylan and Arlo are out for blood. Having said that, I’m still not giving anything away about who’s described above.

3. I’ve never worried about Raylan Givens as much as I do in tonight’s episode. I know he’s the main character and he can’t die – at least not yet and hopefully not ever of unnatural causes – but he can get hurt. Quite a few people want to see him injured or dead and he’s related to at least one of them.

After you watch tonight I’d love to here your thoughts and what you predict for next week. The finale has a lot to live up to and I know it will. And then some.

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