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Premature Infatuation: Ringer 

NOTE: When this article was originally published it was a pilot earmarked for CBS. Now it has been announced that the show will have a spot on CW’s fall schedule.

It’s Premature Infatuation week here on TV Goodness. We’re highlighting the pilots we’re most excited about for a variety of reasons — the cast, the showrunner, the concept etc… And we’re putting it out there into the universe that we want these shows to get the greenlight. We’ll find out soon since network Upfronts are around the corner; they’ll be releasing their Fall 2011 – 2012 schedules any day now. My first pick: the CBS thriller called Ringer, which signals the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar to broadcast TV.
The Concept

Bridget’s a woman on the run from the mob who assumes the identity of her dead twin sister. Big problem: her wealthy sibling (named Siobhan) also has a bounty on her head. So it looks like Bridget’s life isn’t going to get any easier any time soon.

Noteworthy Cast


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Bridget/Siobhan): The biggest reason why I want this series to get the go-ahead for the fall season is the casting. And it begins with one Sarah Michelle Gellar. She hasn’t starred on a TV series since Buffy the Vampire Slayer so I’m beyond excited she’s returning to the small screen, hopefully kicking some butt like the good old days. I really look forward to Sarah playing the dual aspect of this thriller — maybe in flashbacks we’ll be able to see Bridget and Siobhan’s relationship unfold.

Kristoffer Polaha

Kristoffer Polaha (Henry): He was a big reason why I adored the CW’s short-lived drama Life Unexpected. Polaha bounced back quickly, however, booking a CBS Talent Deal and this show without batting an eye. He’ll play one of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s love interests, specifically the husband of Siobhan’s best friend. Henry and Siobhan were having an affair.

Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd (Andrew): The Fantastic Four star plays another one of Gellar’s love interests — he’s Siobhan’s husband. Although the Welsh actor has been on American TV before, I only really know him as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards and as Horatio Hornblower in Hornblower, a British series of TV movies. I’m excited to see how Gruffudd’s character will interact with his “wife.” How long will Andrew be in the dark? I’m sure he’ll start to see clues that his wife is not his wife. I don’t want this guy to come off completely clueless.

Nestor Carbonell

Nestor Carbonell (Victor): I love Nestor in just about every role he takes on but especially as Richard Alpert on ABC’s late great series Lost. Carbonell’s an FBI Agent assigned to keep Bridget safe so she can testify against the mob. He tracks down her “sister” and gets to know her.

Why I’ll Be Watching

How can you go wrong when two of your actors have credits like Buffy and Lost on their resumes? Another selling point for me is the fact Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder wrote the pilot. Supernatural fans will know who I’m talking about. Charmelo and Snyder co-wrote a couple episodes during Season 6 of the CW hit series. I’m always willing to give Supernatural alums a shot. So many of them have gone on to success including writers Raelle Tucker (True Blood) and Jeremy Carver (Being Human US). My only concern is how this show — on paper — doesn’t sound like a good fit for CBS. This potential series seems to lack the procedural element that’s so prevalent on the network, so I feel this is a bit of a risk. I actually prefer shows which are less procedural and more continuing drama, plus I’m into Ringer’s concept provided it comes off cool, suspenseful and clever. The cast chemistry will be important as well. I sincerely hope Ringer is a risk CBS is willing to take.

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