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Deja View: Jon Hamm 

Jon Hamm

When you say the name Jon Hamm – an image of a handsome actor from the award-winning AMC series Mad Men comes to mind or the hunky boyfriend of Liz Lemon on 30 Rock or the dashing leading man in The Town.

But, how many TV viewers or movie goers know Jon from further back than that?  I’m talking about one of his first real TV roles – that of Burt Ridley in the NBC drama Providence?  Back in 2000-2001, he appeared in 18 episodes of the series as the boyfriend and almost husband to Joanie Hansen (Paula Cale).  It was also around this time that he had a small role in the independent film Kissing Jessica Stein that starred his significant other actress Jennifer Westfeldt.

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt

In 2002, he appeared in the box office film We Were Soldiers and then spent two seasons on the Lifetime cable series The Division, starring as Inspector Nate Basso.  He also appeared in one episode of both Gilmore Girls and Charmed for which very observant fans may remember.

Then in 2005 and 2006, he made guest appearances in episodes of the short-lived shows Point Pleasant and Related as well as appearing episodes of CSI: Miami and Numb3rs.  One year before landing the role that would make him a household name; he appeared in six episodes of the short-lived series What About Brian and five episodes of the CBS military series The Unit.

It was in 2007 that his luck changed by being cast as Don Draper in the period piece series Mad Men that has earned him countless acting nominations as well as winning the 2008 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama.

Since that time he has appeared in the box office films The Day the Earth Stood Still and Sucker Punch, had a cameo appearance in The A-Team remake and provided his voice in the animated movie Shrek Forever After.  He will be seen this summer in the comedy film Bridesmaids and just completed filming the movie Friends with Kids for which was written and directed by Jennifer Westfeldt.

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