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We Need to Know: Why Doesn’t Mark Sheppard Have His Own Show? 

Mark Sheppard. Photo Credit: Mitchell Haaseth

Anyone who has watched television over the course of, say, the last ten years or so, knows all about Mark Sheppard. He has a very recognizable face, distinctive voice and has been seen in countless roles – most of them as a heavy – aka “the bad guy”. And after recently seeing him in both Supernatural (as the deliciously demonic Crowley)  and the new season of Doctor Who, we here at TV Goodness have to ask: Why Doesn’t Mark Sheppard Have His Own Show? Let’s look at it this way, Mark has appeared in nearly every show imaginable and each time he has left an indelible mark on the viewing audience. Whether it is his role in the short-lived Joss Whedon series Firefly or in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, Mark has a presence on screen that is undeniable.

Over the course of the past 8 years, he has guest starred in Jake 2.0, Las Vegas, Monk, CSI, Medium, Without a Trace, In Plain Sight, The Middleman, Burn Notice, White Collar and Chuck. He has also had recurring roles on 24, Leverage, Warehouse 13 and Dollhouse and appeared in the short-lived remake of Bionic Woman.

In other words, Mark gets around – and that is a good thing. But it’s time for Mark to get his own show. I, personally, think he’s earned it. What do you think?

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  1. Kate Fraser

    I agree. He should have his own show. I wonder what it would be. 🙂

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