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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Dean coins new term, Supernatural “Mommy Dearest” 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

It’s a well known fact Dean Winchester likes to nickname everything under the sun. His knowledge of pop culture — mostly music, TV and movies — is legendary. So how awesome was it when during “Mommy Dearest,” he coined a new term for hybrid monsters that were laying dead in front of them? He spotted a vampire who also had spikes of a wraith. He needed a term he could refer to every time he dropped these hybrids into conversation because you know Dean, it can’t just be hybrids. That’s too boring. So he did it. He came up with the perfect nickname:  “What does she want with the — what do you call these?” “Well, congrats you discovered it, you get to name it.” “Jefferson Starships, huh? Because they’re horrible and hard to kill.” “Looks like this whole bar has been turned into…” “Jefferson Starships.” “Fine.”

Poor band. I’m not completely well-versed in Starship history but I think when they were Jefferson Airplane, they were awesome. To this day, I love the song “White Rabbit.” Then they became Jefferson Starship — I think they were still good then too. In “Mommy Dearest,” they played one of the Jefferson Starship tunes, a song called “Miracles.” I really like that song. It’s not until the 80s, and JS became simply Starship, that things went a little wrong. They had that song called “We Built this City” off an album called Knee Deep in the Hoopla — actually that title was included in the lyrics for “We Built this City.” The song went number one but years later it topped the list of Blender Magazine and VH1’s 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs…Ever.

Regardless, Dean’s use of Jefferson Starships was just another classic moment in Supernatural history. After it aired on the East Coast & Central Time Zone, the nickname trended on Twitter. Loved that the fandom did that. And even more importantly, the line wasn’t just a one-off. Jefferson Starships — or some variation — was used to describe these hybrids for the rest of the episode. Even Sam used it! I love that writer Adam Glass did that. The humor alone made for an entertaining episode. One that had much darkness including a huge revelation that Cas was in cahoots with Crowley. Yes, I said Crowley. The King of Hell isn’t dead like we thought. I knew it was too easy. I remember watching “Caged Heat” and thinking where in the world did Cas come up with his bones? Next episode should be a good one considering it’s going to be Cas-centric and features the Supernatural directorial debut of one awesomely awesome writer/executive producer, Ben Edlund. Let’s just hope he can work the term “Jefferson Starships” into the conversation. Pretty please, Ben?

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