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We Need to Know: When are Jeff and Annie Coupling Up on Community? 

Photo Credit: NBC

Please, Dan Harmon, throw us a freakin’ bone. After Jeff and Britta dissolved their “relationship” last week it looked like the path to Jeff and Annie was clear. I don’t need a passionate declaration of feelings yet or anytime soon. I don’t even need a comment from the peanut gallery (read: Abed, Pierce, or Troy) about any simmering feelings or longing looks. But I need something. I like it every time there’s some heat between these two. I’ve loved every (mutual) longing look, every bit of flirty dialogue, every kiss. But those aren’t happening often enough for me. I want something to happen with these two and I want to happen soon. As in next week’s episode. Can you make that happen?

I know that’s not realistic and to be honest I’m not sure I can handle it. I don’t want the show to become the Jeff and Annie show – and honestly I have no expectation that it ever would. But it’s fun to see Jeff and Annie try to play down whatever it is that’s between them. I love that the group vehemently disapproves of it; that’s kinda what makes it awesome. Because it’s forbidden I’d assume Jeff would totally be into it. Can you imagine what he might do to tempt Annie into dating him? Hmmm, “dating” isn’t the right word but you know what I mean. The sheer sneakiness of something like that could be amazing. It would get very elaborate and very meta and be awesome. And I’m sure it wouldn’t be a secret for long. Abed is an evil genius when it comes to discovering these things. Maybe they could bribe him into keeping quiet. Are you taking notes, Dan Harmon? You and the wonderful Community writers really don’t need any help writing the show. Just keep my opinions in mind when you’re breaking Season 3. Pretty please?

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