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We Need To Know: Why is ANTM’s Molly So Grumpy All The Time? 

Photo credit: The CW

I’m being nice when I call Molly “grumpy” because she’s been downright nasty lately. Her attitude is horrible, she’s a complainer, and she seems to have low opionions on just about everyone. She does think part of her bad attitude can be attributed to some abandonment issues she has from being adopted. Ok, but here’s my question: If Molly knows she’s like this why doesn’t she see a shrink? I mean, she doesn’t even let her boyfriend sleep in the same bed as she does? That’s weird. It makes me she’s had some extremely traumatic things happen to her in her past.

Photo credit: Pottle Productions Inc/The CW

Let’s go to a slightly more positive place. Eventually Molly’s issues will (hopefully) force her into therapy. Until then, I guess she’s just make for good TV (although I’m not enjoying her). She has been taking some great photos lately. I did think Molly deserved to get first photo this week; her desert pictures were great. And I always love it when Alexandria gets exactly what’s coming to her. She’s nasty and controlling; I’m happy to see the judges were reminded of that fact again this week.

I guess this week Molly was making more of an effort to hide her true feelings and took a page out of Alexandria’s book to be more pleasant in front of “clients” and “on set.” It’s weird seeing Molly trying to fake it. I kind of believe she’s being geniune until we see her being the opposite. And that disappoints me all over again. It’s not that hard to be nice. Just Be Nice. With her current attitude she will not make it far in the business, no matter how great her photos are. I would like to see her succeed but I think she’s got some growing up to do.

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