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We Need to Know: When Was Lily Sentenced to House Arrest on Gossip Girl? 

I feel like I missed a few episodes of Gossip Girl, even though I know I didn’t. I was actually counting down the weeks because I was so invested in seeing how the whole Blair/Dan kiss cliffhanger resolved itself. The previews/promos during the show’s hiatus really seemed to build up a showdown in court over Blair’s falsified testimony. I mean, Billy Baldwin‘s William van der Woodsen was back to help the family stand against all the impending publicity and I really thought Lily would have her day in court. Cut to, Lily at home with an ankle bracelet talking about getting it off in six months with good behavior. What? I’m confused.

Are you with me? I mean ultimately I knew Lily wouldn’t go to jail (more on that below) but this feels like such a let down. I love big theatrical courtroom scenes and I really wanted to see Lily try to redeem herself to her family and to the media. I just think there was such a great opportunity here that’s been missed. And why only bring William van der Woodsen back for one episode? I love that he’s usually making trouble when he’s around.

And what if Lily had ended up in jail? Ok, I couldn’t even write that with a straight face. But let’s explore the possibility of things not going Lily’s way. I would have liked to see Lily defend her actions. I would have liked to see some lawyers duke it out in court. I would have liked to have something happen at the last moment to save Lily from life in jail. I mean, this situation was rife with possibilities and they choose not to show any of it? Maybe the producers or network didn’t feel like the Gossip Girl demo would be interested? I’m at such a loss. This is the reason I have such a co-dependent relationship with this show. I love it. I hate it.

I will say that I liked seeing Lily show some spunk after being shunned by all her society friends. Part of me feels very sorry for her if she thought any of those ladies were her friends. Doesn’t she have even one person who will stick by her no matter what? Her kids have turned on her before and so has Rufus. Despite that, I liked that she got the cops to come to the pink party and throw all those blue bloods people out on their butts. Serves them right.

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