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Reality Fix: Top Chef Masters “Diners to Donors” 

Photo Credit: Bravo

Have I mentioned how much I like the new season of Top Chef Masters? I’ve been a fan since season one but I do like that Masters is even more like regular Top Chef now. It’s more fun to see the chefs compete head to head and to know that someone is going home each week. And we’ve never seen a Top Chef Masters kitchen like this. There are definitely personality clashes and a level of competition between the chefs that’s new and exciting. I feel like the past two seasons have been a bit more calm, more nurturing. This season is more cut-throat and intense. I like it.

This week’s episode introduced us to an elimination challenge we’ve never seen before (on any iteration of Top Chef). The cheftestants were asked to prepare a meal featuring ingredients most people would never use: bugs. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to put beetles, crickets, nightcrawlers, hornworms, or scorpions in my mouth for any reason. I can’t blame Curtis for being a somewhat unwilling judge/taster for this particular challenge. I know every single protein the chefs were presented with are good for us and the environment (well, at least according to this article), but I just can’t get on board with it. Am I being close-minded? Absolutely. I’m really ok with it. I am impressed by how the chefs were able to adapt to/deal with this very difficult challenge. It makes me wonder what they’ll have to deal with next week. I can’t wait. This season of Top Chef Masters had made an even bigger fan out of me.

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