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Character Development: Jeff and Britta Break Up on Community “Paradigms of Human Memory” 

Photo Credit: NBC

I usually can’t stand clip shows so this was such a welcome departure from the norm. I love the idea of characters looking back on events that have happened, but that we’ve never seen. It’s kind of genius. So even though Jeff and Britta thought they were fooling everyone by sneaking around behind their backs, the group does in fact know they’ve been hooking up. Well, they know now. And because the group accepts their “relationship” both Jeff and Britta find it weird and decide to break up. Well, that’s too strong. They decide to stop hooking up. 

Photo Credit: NBC

I’m a Jeff/Annie shipper all the way. I don’t need them to be together now but I like when things are percolating between them. Lest we forget it was Jeff’s need to get into Britta’s pants that caused him to form this group in the first place. I thought Britta was the kind of girl who would hold out for a while but she eventually gave in to that old Winger charm in the excellent paintball episode. I kind of like them together but I love them when they’re fighting and insulting each other; it’s just doesn’t get old. But let’s really delve into the reasons behind this sudden break up. Let’s see if we can discover what has torn these two crazy kids apart.

Britta only likes damaged men.  Yes, Jeff has a large forehead – as was demonstrated in the diorama the group is constructing together in this episode. Yes, he’s insecure about it. But is that really damage? No.

Jeff has a very nice body. Oh, I got distracted for a minute. Sorry.

Britta wants a cause like nobody’s business. If she can turn her man into a cause that’s even better. Jeff doesn’t really fit the bill here. His only cause is looking cool and pretending not to care.

Jeff likes to date inappropriate women. He had to sneak around to date his Statistics teacher in season one. Check. He had to hide the fact that he kissed Annie from the group so they wouldn’t think he was a perv. Check. The group decided no inter-group relationships so he and Britta decided to sneak around. Check.

So the fact that the group approves of whatever they’ve got going on – don’t call it a relationship; they’ve been here for years – is what makes it suddenly unattractive. If there’s no struggle, no threat of being discovered, no taboo they’re just not that interested. Are Jeff and Britta done for good? That depends on whether or not the group approves of them. Only time will tell.

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