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Moment of Goodness

Tina and Kara’s Moment of Goodness: Zeek’s Speech to Amber, Parenthood “Hard Times Come Again No More” 

Photo Credit: Danny Feld/NBC

NOTE: Usually Tina and Kara communicate before writing our columns so there’s no overlap. We didn’t last night and we both picked Zeek’s speech to Amber as our Moment of Goodness. But we came at it in different ways so we’re combining them and letting you read all the goodness we’re feeling for this excellent show. Hey NBC, can we get a renewal please?

Tina’s moment:

There was so much to love about the Parenthood Season 2 finale, that it’s hard to narrow everything down to one Moment of Goodness. I love it that Amber had a breakthrough after the accident. I hated the thought that she wasn’t going to learn anything. She had been making great strides all season long and her regression of the last couple episodes were frustrating. Sarah’s playwright phase has been a little unbelievable because the pacing has been so incredibly quick. But I’ve loved it anyway, because it’s shown this character in a whole new light. She’s grown and she can only go up from here. Crosby did such a despicable thing so it’s pretty wondrous that by the end of the hour, Jasmine finally comes to see the house. Crosby’s finally showing signs of maturing.

I like the set-up for Julia and Joel’s next story: they’re going to try adoption. I can only imagine how this show is going to explore the world of adoption since they do so well with portraying hot-button issues. Speaking of which, some of the most difficult scenes to watch are those where Max is exhibiting the effects of his Aspberger’s Syndrome. They’re just so realistic and painful to witness, but they’re also, ultimately, extremely fascinating. That kid (Max Burkholder) has done such a fantastic job this season. As for Haddie and Alex, they’re my favorite couple. So glad they’re not the ones that are pregnant. I’m anxious to see what’s in store for Adam and Kristina. She’s pregnant; he just got fired. Adam loves to be in control but he truly never is. Their situation is going to provide some serious fireworks next season should there be a next season.

So, having said all of this, my Moment of Goodness is a little scene that occurred between Amber and Zeek. Zeek saw that his granddaughter wasn’t getting how serious the accident was. The guy she was with (Scott Michael Foster aka Cappie from ABC Family’s Greek) was under the influence. So was she. She had been sliding back into her don’t-care-about-anything self and her wild child persona was resulting in some very self-destructive decisions. But you’d have thought almost dying would have curbed that behavior. So, Zeek, took her to the impound or junkyard where the car sat smashed to bits. He told her about when he was in Vietnam and all he thought about and dreamt about was coming home, having a family, having grandkids:

“I dreamt you, Amber. And Haddie and Drew and Sydney, Jabbar and Max. We almost lost you, Amber. I know you had some bad breaks; not feeling good about yourself; didn’t get into Berkeley. Well, boo-friggin’-hoo. You got a suck it up, girl. You’re a Braverman. You got my blood in your veins. You ever do something like this again. You even think about doing something like this, I will personally kick your little butt all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. You do not have my permission to mess with my dreams. Are we clear?”

Poor Amber was a sobbing mess after that speech and while I wasn’t sobbing, this speech totally got to me. Well…some tears may have been present. OK, what am I saying, of course there were. Zeek has never been my favorite character, but after this speech, added to the fact he was in Sarah’s play and did a great job; I definitely have a new respect for him. Craig T. Nelson did an amazing job conveying to Mae Whitman’s Amber, how close they came to losing her. And that she was not allowed to do anything of the sort ever again. Whitman, of course, was utterly fabulous and heartbreaking. She’s been one of the rock stars of Parenthood’s Season 2. Now all that’s left to say is I sincerely hope NBC will renew this great show soon. I don’t want the story of the Bravermans to end this season.

Kara’s Moment:

Photo Credit: NBC

I’d been warned. I knew I was going to cry but I didn’t think Zeek would be the one to make me do it. Sarah is legitimately worried about Amber. She got off pretty easy after the accident but Sarah doesn’t think she learned her lesson. Or more accurately, Sarah’s not sure Amber understands that she’s mortal and life is precious. So Zeek takes Amber to the junkyard where they look at what remains of Gary’s car. As they look at the car Zeek tells Amber he dreamed of her when he was in Vietnam. He dreamed of coming home and starting a family. He doesn’t want Amber to take his dream away.

I. TOTALLY. LOST. IT.  Mae Whitman has been pretty amazing this year. She’s had a hard time at school and at home. She can be bratty and condescending but I really feel for her. She’s just a confused kid who thought she knew what life had in store for her. But maybe college isn’t where she needs to be right now. What she’ll always need is her family. Wait. Was that cheesy? Don’t care.

What I love more than anything – and what makes me come back every single week – is seeing how this family works. They love each other, they fight, they disagree, they are there for each other. It’s nice to see a family so committed to each other. They’ve all made mistakes, they’ve all had triumphs and disappointments. But more than anything they are there for each other no matter what. It’s nice to see. I love my family but I kind of want to be a Braverman. Don’t you?

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