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Smallville “Kent” 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Finally, we’re back and ladies and gentlemen, this is the beginning of the end (I hate myself right now for using one of the most overused movie poster taglines of all time).

In this week’s episode aptly titled “Kent,” Clark and his alternate universe self wife-swap into each other’s world. Good Clark gets to see Alternate Papa Kent again who is dead set on crushing Clark into a pile of krypto-ash while Evil Clark tries to woo his step-sister Tess in the normal world. And if that wasn’t enough for you, the famous Kent family farm is on the housing market! 

Here at TV Goodness it’s not our thing to bash, bitch, and bemoan our favorite shows. We’re here to celebrate TV and all of its goodness. With that being said I’m going to choose my words carefully here. I strongly believe that Tom Welling’s acting is part of the “less is more” theory…simply, the less he tries really hard to act, the more I enjoy the episode. However, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when Tom plays a bad guy he truly becomes someone else…someone dark and twisted and downright scary. Evil Clark was so effective in this episode because Tom wasn’t screaming and overacting, he was playing it devilishly cool and that made him a convincing threat. I don’t know if Tom is planning to stay behind the camera once Smallville is over, but if he does decide to step out in front of it, I’m begging you Tom…please be a villain!

Side note: this is probably inappropriate but good lord Cassidy Freeman looked about 2 seconds away from a huge wardrobe malfunction in that purple dress. Thank God for DVR’s…

What were we talking about? Oh yeah acting…so we know Evil Clark was awesome this week, but what about the Clark we know and love? Well he was aided greatly be a fantastic return from John Schneider. I know Jonathan had to go, but losing him on the show was one of the toughest pills fans had to swallow in the ten year run of the show and any chance we get to have him back is well worth it. I especially loved the very end of the episode where Alt. Jonathan  goes to visit his estranged ex-wife Martha Kent. It was so understated (something Smallville does not usually do well…if at all) and poignant and showed how the good of Good Clark (that’s a clumsy sentence I know) can change not only our world, but any world that he inhabits. Bravo Smallville team, bravo.

I also have to commend the CW for running some EPIC promos for the finale. Using John Williams’ score from the original Superman, silhouettes of Superman in costume, and the shield logo just really makes the finale seem like an event and I’m glad that the show is getting that level of respect (well…for CW standards at least).

Till the next episode…

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