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I’ll Be Back: Happy Endings 

Photo Credit: ABC

Ok, ok. Happy Endings isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread but there were a few laugh-out-loud moments in the two episodes I watched last night. Could they bring more funny to the show? Absolutely. But I liked what I saw. It’s got potential to make me a regular watcher.

Photo Credit: ABC

My favorite character so far? Casey Wilson‘s Penny. She’s had some of the best lines so far and I love her brand of crazy. My most favorite moment is at the gym when some young blonde calls Penny ma’am. When Penny says she’s going to cry her eyes out and then come back and physically fight her? Hilarious. I want to be her friend right now. Yes, I saw that scene in the promos for the show. And? I even Tivoed back to watch it again. I also love that Penny is Max’s gay husband. She’s a little too clingy/needy/scary with guys but I’ll go with it. That will probably lead us in very interesting directions.

Photo Credit: ABC

I’m also enjoying Brad and Jane as a married couple trying to have a baby. At, least they were trying to have a baby when Jane thought Dave and Alex were getting married and moving in next door in the burbs. I love how the extremely type A Jane puts Brad on a healthy diet, which he sticks with until the bitter end. Or, at least, until he finds out she’s cheating by drinking vodka, straight. I like their dynamic.

Although I’m not a fan of the way Alex dumped Dave (at the altar? Really?), I do like that they’re trying to get along for the sake of their friends. Dave is a complete disaster on the rebound and I love it. Alex is a complete disaster in finding a new roommate and I’m enjoying that. They’ve got some stuff to work on but I think that can be said for almost any show on the air. I’ll stick around and see where things go for at least one more episode. How about you? What did you think?

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