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Brothers and Sisters: “Olivia’s Choice” / “Never Say Never” 

Photo Credit: ABC

Well it’s been awhile since we had a new Brothers and Sisters episode.  And because the people at ABC are so generous, they gave us two hours instead of one!  Hour one was about two things really.  First, Scotty and Kevin’s almost adopted daughter had a visitor show up.  Her brother who she hadn’t seen in 3 years decided to come by.  What is really interesting is that he decides to go to court to try to get custody of Olivia.  The sad part is that he doesn’t want Olivia to be raised by two homosexual men.  He thinks the lifestyle is wrong.  The whole thing blindsides the guys.

While this is going on they have Olivia stay with Nora.  Nora and Olivia discuss her brother and Nora says to Olivia that they should invite Brian (her brother) over.  When the rest of the family finds out they go nuts, but Nora thinks its important for Olivia to figure out what she wants to do.  Brian comes over and has lunch with Nora and Olivia.  Olivia asks Brian if she were to live with him would she be able to see Scotty and Kevin.  Brian basically tells her no.

In the end Olivia has Nora take her to the hearing and she speaks to the judge.  She wants to stay with Scotty and Kevin, but wants her brother in her life.  She says she likes the fact that the Walkers accept everyone as they are.  The judge keeps things the way they are with Scotty and Kevin as her guardians.   Brian leaves in a huff and Nora runs after him.  She tells him he needs to step up as a brother.  Scotty, Kevin, and Olivia invite Brian to dinner.  It looks like he is not going to show up, but at the last minute he does.  Ahhhhh…..

The second thing this episode is about is Kitty getting back her man, Seth.  Meanwhile Kitty and Sarah go back to their high school roots to get Seth back.  It’s silly and funny.  They even get Luc into the act.  Kitty gets her man in the end.  Back track for a second:  Luc is trying to plan his and Sarah’s wedding.  She doesn’t seem to care that much and Luc is hurt.  In the end they discuss it and come to an understanding.  Will this wedding happen?

Also forgot to mention that Nora was still taking care of Brody’s dog.  He runs away but finds his way back with another dog in tow.

The second hour is centered on the fact that Nora and Saul’s mother, Ida, passes away.  No one liked her much, but Nora goes into funeral planning mode.  Brody has just come back and tries to get her to slow down.  She doesn’t act like she wants or needs help. Brody is going to leave again, but Sarah convinces him to stay.  As Nora starts her eulogy at the funeral, she breaks down and Brody comes to her rescue.  She always tries to be perfect, but he says that today she liked that she wasn’t the perfect person.  We also find out that Brody has been fired and he has come back for Nora.   Will he stay or go?  That is the question…..

Saul takes the news of his mother’s death really hard. Before he finds out about Ida, he tells his partner, Jonathan, that he has not told his mother that he is gay.  But little does he know that his mother knew all along.  She had left him a letter basically saying she just wanted him to be happy and she was proud of him.

Also Scotty’s mom comes to town and no one is thrilled about it.  She goes overboard being a grandmother to Olivia.  They fight and come to an understanding.  The other thing is that Justin’s 30th birthday is around the corner.  Everyone talks about what should be done, etc.  Justin doesn’t want to talk about it.  But while he is cleaning out his grandmother’s room, he notices that a picture of his grandfather that he never met is sitting on the dressing table.  Ida never found anyone else to love and Justin decides he doesn’t want to end up alone like his grandmother.

At the end all the Walkers, (except for Kitty and Tommy) sit around and toast to Ida.  A new episode this week!  Talk to you about it after.

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