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Character Development: Britta and Troy Kiss, Community, “Competitive Wine Tasting” 

Photos Credit: NBC
Photos Credit: NBC

I totally didn’t see the Troy/Britta kiss coming. I mean, just a couple episodes and a painful hiatus ago, Troy was referring to Britta as a “ruiner of men” (for him anyway) and a total buzzkill. All of a sudden they’re bonding over an acting class that thrives on its students dredging up the more horrifying parts of their past (or present). Trouble is, Troy’s upbringing? Pretty perfect. While his fellow students are recalling their bullied, invisible existences, Troy can only come up with how hard it was being a popular jock in high school. That’s why he makes something up — he says he was molested by his uncle when he was a kid. And it works. The professor buys it. The class buys it. More importantly, Britta buys it.

I love Community because the strangest — and most twisted — circumstances often lead to major developments. Britta, of course, has a thing for really screwed up guys. So, now that clean cut Troy has some edge to him, he’s perfect Britta-bait. She’s encouraging him to own his pain and casting concerned glances across the study group table. After a particularly strong emotional release, Britta’s in complete caretaker mode, and she’s seeing Troy in a new light. Troy perpetuates the lie as he tells her: “It’s just so much darkness. My soul is darkening and…my heart is mad at my kidneys and my mouth…” That’s when Britta steals a kiss from her study group colleague. The kiss wasn’t overly passionate but it was nice. And now I’m trying to think if I could start shipping Troy and Britta. I think I could. Once upon a time I was hoping for Troy and Annie to get together but now I’m on board with Jeff/Annie. Who knows if the kiss is going to lead to anything but I’d definitely like to see more because I’m intrigued. It’s going to take a little bit to wrap my head around this pair. So I need more evidence, please.

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