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Speculate This: Elijah Becomes Elena’s True Ally on The Vampire Diaries 

Photo Credit: The CW

You know the drill. Every once in a while, we at TV Goodness, think we know a thing or two about one of our favorite shows. Maybe we think we know the direction of a storyline or have heard a whisper about a character. I have no such inside knowledge but I thought it would be interesting and fun to explore some reasons why Elena might be compelled (get it? Ha!) to bring Elijah back to life.

Photo Credit: The CW

I knew we hadn’t seen the last of Daniel Gillies‘ Elijah and I’m glad. He is such a fun villain and I like him – against my better judgment. It’s been amusing to watch Damon try to destroy his body while he’s been dead, but Elijah’s an Original. It’s really not that easy to get rid of them. And I would’ve been disappointed if it was. If Elena is going to be in danger – and the Salvatore brothers are going to fight over her – I want the threat to be serious. You know it is if Elena thinks her best option is to revive Elijah. Let’s not forget about their earlier deal: Elena’s life to save all her friends. I wonder if those terms will change.

It’s very refreshing to know something out in the big bad world actually scares Katherine. And if Klaus chooses to draw her death out by 250 years, she should be scared of him. I have to admit to enjoying (just a little) seeing Klaus compel Katherine to hurt herself. What? She deserves it and maybe this will teach her to play nice with others. I doubt it, but one can hope. And Elena doesn’t even know about any of that. But Klaus’s reputation proceeds him and with an adversary that they’ve never seen the equal of, Elena needs serious backup. I think I would have resurrected Elijah from his slumber too.

What are the advantages of having Elijah around?

Elijah wants Klaus dead. The only reason Klaus doesn’t seem to want Elijah back from the dead (other than having him around would put the dagger back in play) is that he’s a buzzkill. So Klaus has no idea Elijah wants him gone and permanently. That makes him a powerful ally to Elena and her friends. Also, it makes Elijah that much  more interesting to me. Why does he want Klaus dead? What did Klaus do?

Elijah’s an Original. To me that means he’s at least as strong and as smart as Klaus. He knows a lot – about witches, werewolves, and other supernaturals. He’s got to have a few tricks up his sleeve that will throw Klaus off his game. Elena and her friends need as many advantages as they can get.

Elijah’s still in his body. I am very curious to know why Klaus is borrowing Ric’s meat suit right now. It’s wildly compelling because no one wants to hurt Ric to get to Klaus, but it makes me want to know how and why that happened. And it makes me think Klaus is vulnerable, at least until he gets his own body back. Then he might be untouchable. So maybe Elena knows she has to move quickly.

So what does this all mean? I think Elena will find a way to get Elijah to play nice so they can all be rid of Klaus. Whatever promises are made I will expect double crossing and double dealing. Now, I’ll be disappointed if they kill Klaus quickly or easily. This needs to be the fight of the century. In fact, this fight needs to change the course of the show. We already know at least one more person will die – I’ve heard it’s three and Isobel and Bonnie makes two. I’m going to predict that Klaus doesn’t die. He’s been built up so much it would be a let down to me if he does. I think having Elena and her friends try to kill him is what will do the damage. Will Elena and Stefan still be a couple at the end of this? Will Bonnie and Jeremy? How does Matt fit into all of this? When will Caroline find out he’s lying? Does Elijah want Klaus dead more than he wants the break the sun and the moon curse? Is he willing to spare Elena? So many questions and I can’t wait to learn the answers.

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