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Moment of Goodness

A Castle Moment of Goodness, Beckett Proves Her Loyalty in “The Dead Pool” 


Here’s the thing. I enjoyed this week’s episode of Castle. I liked the case; the guest stars were awesome; and we even got a great scene with Castle and his writer buds playing poker and hazing the newbie. But the scene that got to me the most didn’t last very long. However, it lasted long enough to showcase Castle and Beckett’s crackling chemistry. Let me backtrack a little bit.

Early in “The Dead Pool,” Castle’s protege was introduced. And right away Alex Conrad got on Beckett’s good side. And almost immediately, he was bouncing off ideas off of the detective, as if she were his own personal muse. Well, I love how Castle quickly grew jealous and decided to mark his territory. His territory, of course being Beckett. After siccing his mystery writer buds Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly on Conrad during poker, he finally had enough and told Beckett the truth. He’s jealous. He wants her all to himself. He doesn’t care if that makes him sound petty or not.

And this is why I love the dynamic between Rick and Kate. Every time I think Beckett’s going to go off on Castle or have the exact opposite reaction to her partner, she doesn’t. And every time I think I know what she’s going to say or do, it never turns out like I think it will. It’s wonderful. Surprising facts about Beckett (in my book, anyway): She’s a huge Castle fan from way back; she knows a thing or two about soap operas; and she’s a huge baseball fan. And in this case, she doesn’t tell Castle he needs to get over himself. She actually thinks his jealousy is sweet:

“And that’s why you don’t have to worry about me hanging around with Conrad anymore. From now on, I am a one-writer girl.”

How amazing is that “one-writer girl” line? And then Castle thanks her for her loyalty and Beckett says: “Always.” And at this point, I just want the two of them to lean in for a kiss. Because the way the two look at each other in this scene, it’s really magical and the moment totally needed to be sealed with a kiss. Just saying.

BONUS MOG: There’s a mini-Moment of Goodness that also happened during “The Dead Pool” and that’s the tribute to the late Stephen J. Cannell, who was one of the writers involved in Castle’s longtime tradition of poker night with the boys. In real life, Cannell was the man behind some of TV’s most addictive shows including The Rockford Files, The A-Team, 21 Jump Street and Silk Stalkings. To know that the producers/writers/actors of Castle are still thinking about him and are leaving his chair empty for him, is a beautiful thing. I really appreciated that special moment.

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