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Reality Fix: All on the Line 

Photo Credit: Sundance Channel

Kara Janx is a very headstrong, vocal designer. I like that even though Joe Zee is there to help her (and has nothing but her best interests at heart) she fights him on things when she thinks she’s right. I also like that she held him to the promise he made about wearing the kimono dress if she got the Neiman Marcus buyers to carry her line. And even though Kara seems to think that kimono dress has been like an albatross around her neck, Joe convinces her not to abandon what brought her fame originally; it just needed a little updating.

Like me, you probably remember Kara Janx from Project Runway. I can’t say my memory is great (in fact, it’s kinda crappy) but I do remember her kimono dress from the show. I can’t really remember what else she did and that’s kind of the point. Joe sees the potential in these designers and helps them focus and get the exposure they need. Kara’s designs really were all over the place and WAY to young. I’m sure no designer ever wants to hear their line likened to GMC – generic mall clothes. Joe serves up the tough love to help designers and hopefully that tough love will help them become a success.

The moral of the this story is to embrace the thing that’s brought you fame, but keep making sure to update and modify it. I love how Kara modernized her kimono dress; I could even see myself wearing it and I’m no size 2.

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