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Relationship Recap: Amber and Sarah on Parenthood 

Photo Credit: NBC

Things have been difficult between Amber and Sarah lately. Wait. Is that true? They’ve actually been difficult since the series started. I think they’ve worked through some of their issues but theirs has never been and probably will never be an easy relationship. 

Sarah, at the urging of Gilliam, is trying to put herself first. He sees her talent and it trying to help nurture it. The only problem with that is Sarah gets distracted by everyone’s problems but her own. She’s trying to be there for her kids (and her siblings) and after she learns – secondhand, thank you very much – that Amber didn’t get in to Berkeley she wants to be there for her kid. The only problem is that Amber’s not having it. She tells Sarah she’s tired of trying to live Sarah’s dream. Amber needs to do what works for her and if Sarah doesn’t like it that’s too bad. Ouch.

There is a point in almost every mother/daughter relationship when things go horribly wrong. I know when I was in my teens there were times when I didn’t get along with my mother at all. Part of me had to know she was only trying to do what was best for me, but part of me was a spoiled brat bent on hurting her in any what I could. I know I’m not the only daughter who went through something like that and I’ve long since apologized for my irrational teen behavior. So even though I don’t like the way Amber’s treating her mother, I get it. And Amber does need to spend more time away from the nest. If she’s not going to school I’d like to see Amber move out and try to discover who she is. She needs to be able to try things her way without getting constant feedback from Sarah. I know Sarah’s trying to be supportive and help build Amber up but if it’s not what Amber needs; Sarah needs to back off. I can’t imagine Sarah actually doing that so things are about to get even rockier. I hope they repair this relationship before it’s irreparably damaged. We’ll see if that actually happens.

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