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Moment of Goodness

Justified’s Moment of Goodness: Mags Asks to See Loretta 

Photo Credit: FX

I’m going to call this an ominous moment of goodness because Margo Martindale scared the bejesus out of me in this episode. It’s been building all season and she finally admitted it to Loretta tonight: she’s always wanted a daughter. She’s constantly disappointed in her sons and they’re constantly letting her down. Despite that, they’re still her blood and she’s still their mama. But there’s something about Loretta that’s making Mags want to take her in, to raise Loretta as her own. But after Raylan kills Coover and puts Loretta into protective custody, we see a very different side of Mags. She can be gentle and compelling. But after Raylan repeatedly tells Mags she’ll have no more contact with Loretta, a switch is flipped and it’s as if Mags goes dead inside. Wow. That’s the moment.

If Margo Martindale doesn’t get an Emmy nomination for this episode it will be a crying shame. She is magnetic, frightening, clever, devious, intelligent, unwavering…I really could go on and on. She is such a fascinating and worthy opponent for Raylan and the Marshals. This can’t help but end badly or everyone involved and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Helen was right to try to warn Raylan away from Mags. I think she’ll do anything to avenge the death of her kin. She’s already breaking the law and getting away with it; what can the Marshals really do to her?

I had no idea it was possible for Justified to be this good and I’ve been a fan since the very first episode. It’s gotten even better with age and I look forward to seeing a new episode every week. I know I’m skipping ahead but it makes me wonder what they can possibly have planned for next season. As long as the writers continue to ask themselves what Elmore Leonard would do, I’ve got faith.

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