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The Goldwyn Touch on Justified 

Tony Goldwyn

Some of you know Tony Goldwyn as an actor; some of you know him as a director. We wanted to put a spotlight on him because he’s doing some really great work in television right now. He directed tonight’s episode of Justified, as well as an episode from season one. I guess they loved his work so much the first time around they invited him back for more. And he did a great job with tonight’s episode, which was superlative on every level – the acting, the writing, and the directing. Wow.

I can’t say there’s anything (that I noticed) to make this particular episode look different from any of the other episodes this season and that’s a good thing. Television is a writer’s medium so it’s up to the showrunner (or someone else in a position of power) to make sure the look is consistent week to week and that means hiring the right director for every single episode. Tony Goldwyn has an advantage when he steps behind the camera that a lot of other directors don’t: he’s been in front of it. He can use his knowledge as an actor to bring something extra to his role as a director and I think that only adds to the quality of his episodes. Maybe he got a little something from an actor that another director couldn’t have gotten. Maybe he framed a shot a certain way to make us feel something another director wouldn’t have made us feel. Who knows? He did a great job as has every other director who’s worked on this series.

Curious about his other directing gigs? He’s also stepped behind the camera for episodes of Damages, Dexter, and Dirty Sexy Money amongst many many others. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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