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Speculate This: The Last “Eye-Catching” Scene Of NCIS “Two-Faced” 

SPOILER ALERT: This column features spoilers and speculation about said spoilers. So if you’re allergic to spoilers, please don’t read. (UPDATED 4/27/11)

The episode may have been called “Two-Faced” but maybe it should have been called “One-Eyed.” Yes, if you watched the latest NCIS, then you saw the last shot of the entire hour which was totally unexpected and totally awesome. Ziva and Tony were in a bar talking about their significant others over a drink, when the bartender placed another drink in front of Tony, a beverage Dinozzo certainly didn’t order. The barkeep said it was from the guy in the booth and when Ziva and Tony turned to look, the mystery man was already gone. When Tony took a closer look at the drink, an eyeball was encased in a piece of ice. Shocking development and a great way to end the episode not to mention send this P2P Killer storyline into overdrive. Recent spoilers have inidcated, the P2P serial killer arc will play a huge part in the end of the season.
Also, Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto, NCIS), live tweeted during the East Coast and West Coast viewings of her show Tuesday night and dropped one major spoiler on the fans:

From @PauleyP


So what do we know? We know the eyeball belongs to someone we know. And we know the eyeball in question looked blue. If this all has to do with the P2P killer than the eyeball may belong to a man we know, unless the serial murderer has changed his M.O and decided anything goes, especially if the killer’s all of a sudden targeting Tony and making a personal connection.

First of all, this totally reminds me of Season 2’s “An Eye for an Eye” where there was a case that revolved around an unattached eyeball that was delivered to someone in the states. That was one of Tony’s most competent cases, although I digress. NCIS is good at making us guess so I wouldn’t be surprised if the eyeball belongs to someone really obscure that we haven’t even thought about in a million years. I’m throwing out the “has to be a man” M.O. as well as the eye color just for the sake of brainstorming possibilities. Even though the drink was delivered to Tony doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a personal connection to him, although it does seem likely. Here are some potentials:

  • Tony’s old partner — We know Tony’s origin story is coming up — could it be his old partner from his Baltimore cop days? We know actor Scott Grimes will be playing him. Problem is, we haven’t met him yet so we don’t know him. So this option seems highly unlikely.
Photo Credit: CBS
  • Anthony Dinozzo Sr. — In my world, it’s not him because then we’d never get Robert Wagner on the show again and we know that’s not going to happen. There’s so much gold that can still be mined from the relationship between father and son, but still, I’m going to throw him into the mix.
  • Vivian Blackadder — This was Gibbs and Tony’s old partner. You remember her, she was their teammate when NCIS was just a backdoor pilot during a season of JAG. We haven’t heard about her for a loooong time. She’s an obscure choice, for sure.
  • Jeanne Benoit — Tony broke her heart and you just know he still regrets what he did to her back in Season 4. The last time we saw her was Season 5’s ” Internal Affairs.” I don’t think it’d be her, but one never knows.
  • FBI Agent Tobias Fornell — We just saw him in the last episode. But I thought he was a bit reflective about his ex-wife Diane and his friendship with Gibbs. I figured Fornell would pop up for a case like this huge P2P killer case, not for the investigation we got in “Tell-All.” I don’t want to even go there but I feel I have to.
  • Stan Burley — If again I’m going for obscure than the eyeball could belong to Stan Burley, one of Gibbs’ agents before Tony. He was played by The 4400 and V star Joel Gretsch. Pretty slim, but he is a man and I believe he has blue eyes. His connection to Tony is weak, however. Although the two did cross paths once upon a time. Tony was jealous of him and his more friendly relationship with Gibbs.
  • Trent Kort — The CIA agent and Tony are bitter enemies. The killer — or whoever bought that drink for Dinozzo — could have meant it as a message and a favor.
  • Tom Morrow — he’s the former NCIS Director who moved on to Homeland Security. While he was mentioned in Enemies Foreign earlier this season, he wasn’t seen. Tony worked for him. It could happen.
  • Mike FranksLike Fornell, Franks has been recurring for quite a while. The audience knows him. He has many fans. This would have some impact if it were him. It could be a message for Tony to take to Gibbs.
Chad Dunham

LATEST SPECULATION 4/14/11: Chad Dunham: I’m adding Chad from Chad to the list. Think about it. He’s male. He’s in his 30s. He’s an NCIS Special Agent and we’ve seen him in the NCIS offices so he may even have access to MTAC. He’s totally a viable option.


  • Rumor has it both Mike Franks and Trent Kort will make an appearance before the end of the season. The plot thickens…
  • Sarah Jane Morris told, “deep fans of the show will definitely recognize [the owner of the eyeball] when we reveal it.” The identity of said owner will be explored in the “Dead Reflection” episode airing Tuesday April 12 on CBS at 8/7C. And also, the eye really was blue — so that’s definitely a clue. Morris has a more extended interview with TVLine here
  • In addition to Alimi Ballard and Matthew Willig joining the show as E.J.’s team, there’s another actor that has signed on to guest star in this season’s final two episodes: Kerr Smith from Dawson’s Creek and Life Unexpected. Read all the details at
  • UPDATED 4/14/11: According to The show is in search of “a politically savvy and powerful D.C. administrator who steps into his new job driven to get things done with little concern for consequences.”
  • UPDATED 4/14/11: A Mark Harmon-Michael Weatherly TV Guide Magazine Cover is on its way. So awesome!!!!
  • UPDATED 4/21/11: Jesse Stern tweets about end of the season
  • Tweet1: Wish I could share more from #NCIS Land, but everything’s on lockdown. Closed set. Secret pages. Like the Pentagon. But not as funny.
  • Tweet2: Anxious to get the Director’s cut of ep 23 “Swan Song” tonight. That first cut is usually painful. Then you dig in and make it better.
  • Tweet3: I’m not quite sure what we’ve made here. I’ve never seen an episode like “Swan Song” before. Of anything. It’s either brilliant or terrible.
  • UPDATED 4/21/11: Pauley Perrette tweets (via @pauleyp): Had to shoot a crying scene today for #NCIS Easiest. Crying. Scene. Ever. I was already crying. #Kazan Crying going on? Probably because of this next spoiler…
  • UPDATED 4/21/11: According to, Two deaths will happen by the end of the season.
  • UPDATED 4/21/11: According to, there are no plans to bring Jeanne (Scottie Thompson) back. But the article didn’t say there would be no mention of her. Just saying. What the article did say was we would find out what Gibbs has mysteriously been building in his basement all season long. In “Dead Reflection,” all he told Tony was “wood.”
  • UPDATED 4/21/11: My previous speculation of the end of Season 8 done around the time of “Defiance.” And remember, this is before we found out about the P2P serial killer story arc.
  • UPDATED 4/21/11: Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer) files this report from behind-the-scenes of one of the penultimate episodes of Season 8 (Ep 23 “Swan Song”). Love Brian’s humor about his tricked out ride (the M.E. van). But if you don’t blink, you’ll see a shot of Gibbs standing out in the rain looking at the van at whatever body is in there. He’s look heartbroken. This makes me nervous. Any thoughts?
  • UPDATED 4/26/11: According to, the missing eye may not belong to someone (he or she) who died. So, in the near future someone may be showing up with an eye patch or some sort of fake glass eye. The plot thickens.
  • UPDATED 4/26/11: In “Dead Reflection,” we learned the owner of the missing eye male and could be in his 30s who has undergone lasik surgery. This kind of throws me off…
  • UPDATED 4/27/11: According to, Cote de Pablo has signed a new two-year deal to keep her on the show. So Ziva’s definitely not going to be one of the reported two casualties happening on the show by the end of the season (source:

That’s all I have. So many people that have had a connection to Tony over the years have died: Kate, Paula, Jenny, Jeanne’s ex-boyfriend who turned out to be a cop Tony bonded with; the news anchor he obsessed about last season…Is it fair to say this is going to have a personal connection to Tony? I don’t know. Only time will tell. And just for the record, I’m probably way off base with all my choices.

Who do you think is missing an eye?

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