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Relationship Recap: Alicia vs Tammy on The Good Wife 


Photo Credit: CBS


Photo Credit: CBS

I just don’t get tired of this triangle. Technically we could call is a quadrangle since Peter Florrick is definitely in the mix but I want to focus on this threesome for now.

What do we know?

Tammy just got a job offer for the 2012 London Olympics but they want her there in two weeks. It’s a great job offer and a promotion.

I love the way Will reacted to this, which is to say he wasn’t sure how to react. I love that he tried to give an opinion but was interrupted by Tammy then said he needed a little help. She seemed to make the decision for him by saying she was going to take the job.

Will used to date Tammy’s sister but broke up with her for Alicia.

First of all, eww. Second of all, very interesting. Even though Alicia tells Tammy things are over between her and Will I don’t think that’s the case at all. Alicia’s not in play right now but we have no idea how she’ll react when she learns about Peter’s infidelity with Kalinda.

Even though he hasn’t said those three words, Will’s in love with Tammy.

Which isn’t to say he’s not still in love with Alicia. But now that Tammy’s going to stay local she’s definitely a threat. No matter how Alicia reacts to Peter’s infidelity I feel certain Will will be there for her in any way she needs him. I wonder if Eli will have a crisis of conscience and fess up to what he did earlier in the season. It’s possible and that would really complicate things. Natalie is definitely humanizing him and her influence might make him question some of his past actions.

Who do I think will ultimately win Will’s heart? This show is about Alicia so I’m gonna go with her. I still don’t need them to be together right now though. Maybe Will needs to try to make things work with Tammy. Maybe what Alicia really needs in her life – at least for a little while – is no one. That’s assuming she breaks up with Peter, which is pure speculation. There are so many delicious possibilites. And that’s what I love about this show.

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