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We Need to Know: Why Aren’t Booth and Bones Together Yet? 

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I was ready, willing, and able to defend the Hannah storyline and I did. I was eager to embrace it at first. I like that Booth said he wouldn’t wait around for Bones at the end of the fifth season. I like that he found a woman who he could love and who loved him back. I even liked it when Hannah and Bones became friends. I knew it was a mistake when he proposed to Hannah, but Booth is the kind of man to take the next step when he feels it’s right. I didn’t like it but I understood it. But now because he’s “heartbroken,” (I only put it in quotes because I’m pissed; I know he’s really hurting) Booth isn’t willing to entertain the possibility of something with Bones until whatever date they wrote on those pieces of paper they burned? I’m over it. I’m tired of them being apart. I’m tired of the writers throwing everything but the kitchen sink in the way of these two getting together. It’s time so there’s something I need to know right now. Why aren’t Booth and Bones together yet?

Yes, I’ve heard of the Moonlighting curse. Hasn’t everyone? Just because a show that’s been off the air for over TWO DECADES botched the central romantic relationship doesn’t mean that every other show after it will. Bones is now in it’s sixth season. That’s enough of a romantic/sexual tension buildup. They’ve been teasing us long enough. It’s had a great run (and I’m certainly not advocating the show come to an end anytime soon), but it’s time. I guess maybe they think Booth and Brennan getting together will precipitate the end of the series but I want to see how or if them being together changes things. I want to see both Booth and Brennan make the adjustment of being together and loving someone so different than they are. And come on, we know Booth and Bones are right for each other. Booth and Brennan know they’re right for each other. So get them together already. I know I’m not the only fan who hopes Emily Deschanel‘s real-life pregnancy will hasten their coupling. We know Bones wants to have a child – with Booth – and we know what a great parent Booth already is. I’m not saying I want the pregnancy written in or that they should have a kid right away, but the possibility is intriguing and it would confirm something: that they’re together.

And it’s not like I haven’t enjoyed most of the buildup. I love that people always assume Booth and Brennan together when they’re doing their arguing/bantering thing out in the field or in the office. I like that they’ve each had other romantic relationships that complicated their feelings towards each other (mostly on Booth’s part, but still). Lest we forget, Brennan was in a serious relationship in the pilot (with Nurse Jackie‘s Dominic Fumusa) and Booth was getting serious about this girlfriend (Covert AffairsAnne Dudek) during the beginning of season one. They’ve both had some flings – well, that’s more Brennan’s style. Between the both of them Booth is more serious when it comes to getting physical – meaning he’s also emotionally invested while Bones just wants to enjoy the physical aspect of it. But her emotions were engaged when she was sleeping with Sully (Warehouse 13‘s Eddie McClintock). That was a great hurdle and I loved the way it impacted both Booth and Brennan and that it happened earlier in the series.

But let’s take a closer look at Booth and Brennan’s history. I’m going to exclude the episode where they were married because they weren’t really together and it still irks me. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way. They’ve kissed three times. I’m going to go in the order we’ve seen them kiss, not in chronological order. It just makes more sense for me that way. The first time is when Ms. Julian (the awesome Patricia Belcher) coerced Bones into it. Hot. Loved every second of it. The second was during the flashback sequence of their first meeting. Hot. Loved every second of it. The third was after they left Sweets office and Booth revealed his feelings. Could have been hotter. Still loved every second of it. I still liked where the show was going with the romantic tension after that because Booth and Brennan were still working together but having some difficulties. Bones knew how Booth felt and Booth was trying to move on. Such great tension. And then the Hannah incident. So I guess I’m trying to say that Hannah was a mistake. I defended her but now I can’t. I didn’t like that relationship only because it’s brought me to this point of frustration. I do like that Bones saw Booth happy with someone who wasn’t her but maybe we could have seen that a few seasons ago. Maybe the time they spent apart between seasons 5 and 6 when Brennan realized she wanted to be with him could have resulted in them actually being together this season. Bygones. But here’s my ultimatum: If Booth and Brennan aren’t together by the end of this season I’m might be done with this show. It was hard for me to type those words but I’m serious. I want them to be together and there’s only so much longer I will wait.

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