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Make It Work: ANTM “Sonia Dara” 

Photo Credit: Lisa Rose/The CW

Enough. So what if ANTM‘s Cycle 16 isn’t as good at Cycle 15? I am going to borrow a very popular catchphrase from another fashion/model reality show. I’m gonna make it work. I can still have fun with this show by being a little creative, by thinking outside the box. I’m gonna make myself the unofficial fifth judge (which I probably do already but now I’m gonna be vocal about it). And I have an advantage over the other judges (or at least I think I do). I see how these girls interact away from the bright lights of panel. I see how they are in the house. I’m assuming this is something the judges don’t see, but I could be wrong. I’ll take that behavior as well as how the models do on challenges and at photo shoots into consideration when deciding who I’d send home. Will I agree with Tyra, Andre, Nigel, and this week’s guest judge Sonia Dara? Let’s find out.

Let me start by saying I missed the first 13 minutes of the show. Random, I know. I didn’t realize my DVR was flaking out on recording ANTM until then. I’m not sure what I missed but I’m going to assume it wasn’t too important. I’m sure you’ll tell me if I’m wrong.

The Brunettes

Photo credit: Johnathan Mannion/Pottle Productions Inc

The photo shoot and final photos are always the best part of the show for me. I think it might be fun to spend a little time with Tya behind-the-scenes to see how she picks the best photos. I would have loved to have seen a few snaps of Mikaela with fierce eyes because we haven’t seen that yet. I would have liked to see a picture where Jaclyn’s hands looking a bit stronger. Although I like what Monique is doing here, I’m sure there were stronger shots of her. I have no complaints about Britanni. I don’t love her look when we see her in person but I love how she photographs. She is definitely the strongest face in this group shot and she deserved best photo.

The Blondes

Photo credit: Johnathan Mannion/Pottle Productions Inc

Maybe it’s because I don’t like her, but for me Alexandria feels wildly out of place here. I’m tired of her drama and I feel like she’s actually bringing it into this picture. She looks like a scared little girl who wants to be let in and if you’re not going to invite her, she’s going to make you. I usually love Hannah but her hair is distracting me from her beautiful face and like the other judges, I would have liked to see that right arm softer. Kasia and Molly are the strongest faces here. Molly is kinda  getting on my nerves with how whiny she’s become though. Maybe she was always like that but I attributed it to that horrible weave. Kasia is just darling. I think she has a great personality and I really like her look. Even though Kasia is this week’s runner up for best photo, I might have given to to Molly. They’re neck and neck here for me.

Did they send the right girl home?

Monique was extra annoying this week and I don’t like the way she handled the creepy guy who wanted a kiss. No matter how much you can’t stand someone, you don’t send a stalker-in-the-making to bother someone else. Not cool. Now, maybe someone put that guy up to it or maybe he was a little awkward. Who knows? I do know Monqiue didn’t handle that situation well at all. She’s showing just how young and immature she is. And the constant eye-rolling? Over it. Despite that, Monique’s never been in the bottom before. Mikaela has. I have yet to see a Mikaela photo that really impresses me. In person she’s great but that absolutely does not translate to her photos and that’s a problem. Tyra says she saw the fierceness in some of Mikaela’s photos but I didn’t. And even if she’s improving her learning curve I don’t think she’s doing it fast enough. So for this week I’ll have to disagree with the judges. I think Mikaela should be gone.

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