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NCIS “Tell-All” 

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/CBS

Lots of relationship talk in “Tell-All” wasn’t there? More than there’s been in a long time. It was kind of odd, but I actually loved how they spread the love talk around. Let’s break it down.

Gibbs, Fornell and their mutual ex-wife Diane

Tony was (overly) preoccupied with a wedding invitation Gibbs received on his desk during “Tell-All,” which was very Tony-like. He can be an extremely nosy guy. I just can’t believe he was playing with fire. And when I say fire I mean his boss. Turns out it was an invite from one of Gibbs’ several ex-wives — Diane. Is she the third ex or the second? I can’t remember. The persistent woman kept sending her former husband an invite hoping, for some reason, that he would attend. She also sent an invite to her other ex — FBI Agent Tobias Fornell, who actually wanted to go. Fornell and Gibbs are buds despite having been married to the same woman; a woman Gibbs had warned his friend from marrying. How cute was it when Fornell tried to reminisce about the first day he met her? You could tell he was somewhat nostalgic for what was lost. But, seriously, he got the good end of the deal. He shares a daughter with her. And Diane can go off and live life with the Homeland Security Agent, who probably will become yet another ex-husband. I think if this guy does become yet another one of her exes, he needs to look Gibbs and Fornell up and they can form sort of “I divorced Diane” club.

Ziva and Ray

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/CBS

Ziva gets put on the spot after admitting she would want Gibbs there at her wedding even though he’s got bad “wedding juju,” according to Tony. The former Mossad agent says she and Ray haven’t discussed their future yet. They are taking things slow. We know Ray’s about to make an appearance. Wonder if there will be talk about their future then…

McGee and his Belgravian princess and Hot Blonde Gamer

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/CBS

Tony veers the attention McGee’s way and asks how things are going with the special agent and his hot gamer girlfriend. I assume they’re still going out, although Timothy doesn’t give us a hint at all. He stays quiet. Boo, McGee. Boo. I want to know if he and Max are still together because I would love it if Leverage’s Beth Riesgraf would make another appearance. I’ll have to put that on my NCIS Wish List.

However, when talk about Gibbs and Diane started again, McGee revealed he only wants to get married once, while Tony thinks Timmy will get married two, maybe three times. I’m going to side with McGee on this one. I think he’s a one-time forever kind-of-guy. That’s just the vibe I get.

Tony and EJ

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/CBS

After McGee remains frustratingly quiet, Ziva turns the tables on Tony and questions him about his love life: “Seems like your libido has been very satisfied, lately. Are you taking it…slow…with anyone?” I love Dinozzo’s answer: “Nothing a cold shower in the agents’ locker room wouldn’t cure.” Oh, Tony. We know that a certain shower in a certain locker room was exactly where he and EJ had an encounter a couple episodes back. Way to be literal and coy at the same time, Dinozzo.

Later in the women’s locker room — another Tony/Ziva scene taking place in a restroom by the way — Ziva wants to know if Tony really wouldn’t want Gibbs at his wedding.  Ziva then puts Tony on the spot again — and this time she actually names Special Agent Barrett. Apparently EJ intrigues Ziva and she wants to know if EJ intrigues Tony too. She seems to be talking about whether or not EJ has assembled her team, but there was more to it for sure. I love how Tony claims everyone needs privacy: “even Leroy Jethro Gibbs.” And then he runs off. Slippery thing that Tony Dinozzo is…

Palmer and his girlfriend

At the scene of the first vic’s murder, Palmer’s inappropriately laughing and talking on the phone/bluetooth with his girlfriend, Breena. Jimmy tells Gibbs and co. he’s sorry but Breena likes to have someone to talk to while she’s embalming, which gets a curious response from Gibbs: “I think you should marry that girl, Palmer.” What did Gibbs mean by that? I can’t tell if he was being sincere or sarcastic. It’s a fine line with him, sometimes. Later, Ducky gives Palmer some advice. During these days of Tweeting (although he calls it “squeaking”) and text messaging, it’s all about instant gratification. There’s no more mystery. No new discoveries. Seems to me Ducky sure knows what it’s like to romance a woman. Palmer should listen to him.

On My Wish List

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/CBS

No real talk about Abby’s love life. Abby hasn’t had a crush in a while has she? Me thinks Abby needs a love interest and so does Gibbs. When’s the last time Leroy Jethro Gibbs did more than just flirt (that we have seen anyway)?

The Case

As for the case, it was really sad. Was Agent Archer able to go back living her life with her husband just like that? Or would she have left her paramedic husband eventually? So, one guy gets to live without ever knowing the answer. And one guy died for nothing because Archer’s husband killed the wrong man. So sad! Gibbs was right. Just get a divorce. Why do people resort to murder in these situations? I have never understood that. Divorce is a much less messy situation. Well, I don’t know about much…Even though he had the affair, I still felt bad for the Birdsong writer, Former Marine Lieutenant Keeler. He doesn’t have the love of his life. He has to live with knowing Archer’s husband killed a man thinking it was him. I’m not even sure what’s going to happen with his book. See what I mean? Murder is messy.

The Verdict

I really liked “Tell-All.” I ended up watching it twice and it still held my interest the second time around. That’s the mark of a good hour of TV. I may have said this time and time before, but I think NCIS has been stellar since 2011 started. It was hit and miss for me the first half of the season, but I can’t get enough of this second half. Just from the few spoilers I’ve read for the rest of the season, I think it’s only going to get better.

Guest Star Goodness: Carl Lumbly and Troy Winbush 

Carl Lumbly

Carl’s NCIS Character: Navy Rear Admiral Beau Hindley

Hello, Carl Lumbly from Alias fame (He was series regular Marcus Dixon). It was very good to see you on NCIS. Too bad your character was a bit of a chump. You were a bad guy, but not the killer. I don’t care though. Hope to see you on more shows soon.

Troy Winbush

Troy’s NCIS Character: Former Marine 1st Lieutenant Sam Keeler

Does anyone recognize the guy who wrote the Operation Birdsong book? His name is Troy Winbush. Over the years, he’s starred in many shows, but there’s one role I recognize him from over all the others. Troy played Theo’s best friend Denny during the latter seasons of NBC mega-hit The Cosby Show.

FUN FACT: Do you know what NCIS regular also guest-starred on a Cosby episode? That would be Michael Weatherly, who played Theo’s college roommate.

Other Random Thoughts

  • Loved that McGee’s history as a writer was brought up. Does anyone else but me want McGee to resurrect his Thom E. Gemcity self? Pretty Please? Nice touch with the publisher thinking Timothy looked familiar.
  • Loved how Gibbs said Ms. DuMont. Mark Harmon does such spectacular things when he utters someone’s name. He draws the names out and makes them sound awesome.
  • I feel like we’ve seen Agent Archer’s house in a different NCIS episode. Anyone?
  • Favorite Phoof: The one with Dinozzo, McGee and Ziva
  • I just adore Gibbs and Fornell scenes. More, please.
  • Why would the show bring up Diane? Just wondering if there’s a reason.
  • My sister, the doctor, filled me in on how the paramedic killed his wife, even though Abby did a good job of describing it. I often go to my sister for these medical situations to see if a show portrayed things realistically medical-wise. And in this case, they did. The paramedic offed his wife with a drug called succinylcholine — it’s a short-acting paralytic agent, which is perfectly capable of incapacitating someone for a few minutes; long enough for the guy to strangle his wife to death without fear of her retaliation. That is just such a brutal way to go, especially when their marriage should have just ended in divorce.
  • The morals of the people involved in the “Tell-All” case left something to be desired. Besides a murderer, there was a college-aged arms dealer that held her own against Gibbs. Seriously, where did she get her gumption? Also, the woman who was killed was having an affair with the author of the book that certain members of the military didn’t want to see make the light of day because it exposed corruption. Wow. Ethics, people. Get some.
  • I loved all the team scenes; at the scene of the crime; in Abby’s lab; in Observation and of course in the Squad Room.
  • Loved Gibbs slamming the murderous paramedic down on his ambulance.
  • Of course Gibbs didn’t go to the rehearsal dinner. I’m sure glad Fornell didn’t go either. Drinking out of mason jars and eating pizza with pepperoni and onions in Gibbs’ basement is much more preferable. Don’t you guys think?

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