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Justified “Blaze of Glory” 

Photo Credit: FX Network

In a change of pace, last week’s Justified was a Bennett-free hour that was a straight procedural ep with ever-so-sight dashes of the arcs.

Boyd and Ava are interrogated by ATF about the heist/explosion at the mine, and when one of the interviewers gets a little suggestive about Ava, Boyd offers to come across the table, and the agent takes it as a threat, but Art steps in and opines that no, a genuine threat would have been along the lines of Boyd saying he would beat the ever-loving sh-t out of him. Hee! Ava and Boyd go free and Boyd stops briefly to “neener neener” with Raylan about how he, too, was on the receiving end of an investigative interview due to actions surrounding Ava, and off they go (Ava doesn’t speak to Raylan). Dicsuss!

Winona has a throwdown with Gary because numbnut’s latest endeavor is to remortgage the already ridiculously-leveraged house to purchase a horse. Winona is appropriately horrified. She goes to work to lock up some files and banter with Raylan, who’s less than sympathetic, and then is left alone in the evidence lockup (bullsh-t call #1), where she finds a cardboard box of hundred-dollar bills and can’t resist the urge to fondle and abscond with one. She goes to the bank to deposit it and gets cold feet, but not quick enough to get out of the way of a robbery, which nets her some unwelcome handsiness, a kick to the face, and the loss of the hundred. Raylan’s highly pissed because she hesitated to give up the money, opposite her unofficial U.S. Marshall’s wife training.

This leaves Winona to fret about the hundred, which she comes clean to Raylan about, sort of, feeding him the line that she just wanted to see how it felt. Which is NOT an explanation. The action was so random, I was waiting for the long-winded why but instead we were left to infer that she fired the first salvo in siphoning cash to put toward saving her house (I think).*

Raylan gets a chance to clock the robber who kicked Winona (but we’re denied the slow burn run up since it’s all pretty expeditious), and Art gets to go after the aging bank robber who’d eluded him early in his career. This gets us a pretty funny scene of Art limping across the tarmac after his suspect, who’s abandoned his oxygen tank and falters before he can reach his plane. We also get a passing reference to Art’s own aging when Raylan notices Art has gotten hearing aids. Love that we had a little background on him. I adore Nick Searcy in this role. I came across Fried Green Tomatoes last week and was goofy giddy to see him be the bastard husband all those years ago.

We’re already halfway through the season!

*The episode last night clears up some of this but “Blaze of Glory” on its own, didn’t.

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