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Guest Star Goodness

It Was So Good To See You (Week of March 14) 

Who says that March is boring because of all the repeats that air? This past week featured new episodes of a number of TV shows and within those episodes were some very familiar faces.

Photo Credit: A&E

Starting off on Sunday night with the new A&E series Breakout Kings, a very disturbed escaped convict was hunted down by the team. As the case unraveled, it was discovered that the con had women held prisoner in desolate locations.

Mageina Tovah

One of those victims was portrayed by actress Mageina Tovah, who is probably best known for her recurring role in the TV series Joan of Arcadia. She also appeared in the box office films Spider-Man 2 and 3 and had guest roles in Chase, Lie to Me, Bones and Southland.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

On Monday, a new episode of Pretty Little Liars aired on ABC Family and included a guest appearance by actress Paula Cale, who played one of the more influential “church ladies” in the town of Rosewood.

Paula Cale. Photo Credit: Sven Arnstein/NBC

Paula is best known for her role in the popular NBC series Providence; but she has also appeared in Ghost Whisperer, House and $#*! My Dad Says as well as the made-for-TV remake of Brian’s Song alongside Firefly alum Sean Maher.

Photo Credit: FOX

On FOX’s The Chicago Code, it was a trifecta of guest stars, including actors and Steven Culp, Tom Irwin and actress Stacy Haiduk. Steven appeared as a high ranking Chicago city official for whom Superintendent Colvin (Jennifer Beals) was attempting to extract the necessary funds for new radios for the police department. Steven is best known for his roles in Desperate Housewives and JAG, but he has also appeared in ER, The West Wing and 24. More recently he has guest starred in Burn Notice, The Defenders, Cold Case and CSI: Miami.

Photo Credit: Jeffery Garland/FOX

Meanwhile Tom Irwin played the father of a drug user who ended up in a coma after an overdose. Tom is best known for his roles in My So-Called Life and Saving Grace as well as the short-lived series Related. More recently he has appeared in episodes of Castle, Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Photo Credit: Jeffery Garland/FOX

And, then there was Stacy Haiduk, who played the owner of a high-priced brothel that was at the center of investigation of the young man’s overdose. Stacy got her start in the syndicated series The Adventures of Superboy as well as the short-lived shows SeaQuest 2032 and Kindred: The Embraced. More recently she has been seen in Heroes, All My Children, Prison Break and The Young and the Restless.

Marc Singer. Photo Credit: ABC

Over on the season finale of V on Tuesday night, one of the cast members of the original TV series and mini-series – Marc Singer– made a brief appearance, as the leader of a secret sect known as the Aries Project. Beside his role in the original V, Marc has appeared in the original The Beastmaster box office film as well as having a recurring role in the TV series Beastmaster and appearing on TV shows such as Dallas, Murder, She Wrote, Simon & Simon and Highlander: The Series. More recently, he has been seen in Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and in a small role in the box office movie Eagle Eye.

Lastly, did you see any familiar faces in your favorite TV shows this week? If so, please share. Until next week…

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