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Moment of Goodness: Community, PaleyFest 2011 

Last night’s panel was a laugh riot. Everyone in attendance has already seen this week’s episode – don’t worry, I have to re-watch it as the thundering laughter drowned out some lines. My only (small) disappointment was that Donald Glover and Alison Brie were missing? What is more important than PaleyFest?! Oh, they were working. I guess I’ll allow it. My “moment” of goodness is actually an amalgam of a few small moments that were awesome.

  • Gillian Jacobs talking about how the writers have incorporated her inability to sing and her awkwardness into her character. She thinks she’s similar to Britta in a lot of ways, but she thinks she can laugh at herself more now. Also, she used to care about issues but not so much anymore.

  • Ken Jeong is always breaking up during takes because he’s genuinely so delighted with the material. Also, he likes the way the writers use “chang” as a verb. Chang it up yo. Oh snap.

  • Dan Harmon talks about getting everything he ever wanted to do on the series into it this year just in case they don’t get another season. He warns that season 3 may be boring (impossible!).

  • A fan asks if we’ll be getting any more full-frontal Jeff Winger to which Joel McHale scoots his butt out of his chair towards the guy. Then he says we will.

  • Yvette Nicole Brown talks about trying to answer everyone who contacts her in the twitterverse. Also, she’d like to have Isaiah Mustafa on the show next, but only as her love interest.

  • Jim Rash was only supposed to be in the pilot but the writers loved what he did with the character so much that they kept bringing him back. Also, when he was in fittings for the patriotic costume (you know, the one be “borrowed” from his sister), they kept making it tighter and tighter.

  • Danny Pudi says it’s hard to be the straight-man sometimes because he wants to laugh so much. And, yes, he is the male Jamie Lee Curtis. Brilliant.

The panel exceeded my expectations. Probably the most surprising thing was how inarticulate and awkward Dan Harmon can be. And hilarious, of course. It’s good to know he’s actually using his writing staff this year. It all makes me love him and the show that much more.

All photos courtesy of Kara Howland and Tina Charles/TV Goodness

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