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PaleyFest 2011: Supernatural, Part 4 Audience Q&A 

Photo Credit: Kara Howland/TV Goodness

(Sorry the picture’s blurry!)

At the end of every PaleyFest panel, the moderator turns the question-asking over to the audience, so that’s exactly what AOL’s Maureen Ryan did. And I think we learned a lot (Warning: mild spoilers ahead):

  • Did the two-hour finale impact the way they wrote the last two episodes? VAGUE SPOILER ALERT: They envisioned it like they would get the chance to make a movie but that’s not how it turned out. There were so many mythology balls they had to deal with that it ended up feeling episodic. In fact, it was hard to combine and Kripke’s worried how it’s going to play out as back-to-back episodes. “Do we put up a card that says ‘One Week Later’?” He goes on to say: “It’ll be awesome in reruns. In two-hours, it’ll be, ‘What?'” 
  • There was a favorable Ruby comment (Jared clapped at this) and the fan wanted to know: 1) Will they play with the morality of a demon again — meaning the good and bad sides of a demon; and 2) Will there ever be a positive female force that lasts on the show. The answer to the first question is they don’t think they can pull something off like that again. And the answer to the second question is probably not because, as Sera says, “We like to kill people.”
  • A woman took the mic and started talking about how she was in advanced stage renal failure and that she had some gifts she wanted to give the boys because watching TV and watching Supernatural is all she has (aside from her partner of 30 years or something like that). She called them her surrogate children which really got to me. I almost teared up.
  • Some guy asked why Sam and Dean don’t get bungies for their weapons because they’re always losing them. All Jensen and Jared could do was laugh and agree. Kripke came up with a great answer, however, saying “…then there wouldn’t be a fourth act.”
  • Jared and Jensen continued this “no bungies” conversation by talking about how if they had them they wouldn’t look as tough. This is when they told us about the “no umbrellas” rule. Unfortunately, when it rains in Vancouver (which often happens), it doesn’t really show up on screen. There was one episode (“Bugs” possibly?) where it was really pouring and Kim Manners was directing. He told the crew to give the JJ’s umbrellas and when Eric saw it, he pretty much said don’t ever give them umbrellas again because these are guys who hunt monsters and ghosts. They can definitely handle some little old rain. Jared talked about how that was the same episode where Sam lost his Puma sneakers and switched to boots because of all the gigantic puddles.
  • When Eric started talking about Kim Manners, he mentioned how he was thinking a lot about him today. The first time they really did any public press for Supernatural at all was the show’s first PaleyFest panel back in 2006.
  • Someone asked if there’s going to be a Cas-centric episode — SPOILER ALERT — Ben said it’s the one he just concluded directing — it’s from Cas’s POV.
  • I’m so happy someone asked about Missouri Moseley and if we’re ever going to see her again. That question wasn’t necessarily answered but Eric did give us some other insight. He finally gave us the story on how Bobby Singer came to be and came to be named. When he originally wrote Season 1’s “Devil’s Trap,” the boys were supposed to head to Missouri’s place and all the action with Meg was supposed to happen there. But Loretta Devine (Missouri) was unavailable because she was off shooting a movie, so Eric and Bob decided to develop a character that was more of a paternal presence to the Winchester boys. He was supposed to be “grizzled and cool and has a bad history with them.” Bob Singer said he had just the right guy for Eric. And it turned out to be Jim Beaver. And we got the greatness of Jim all because of a scheduling conflict. I still don’t know why they can’t bring her back, however. I know Devine is super busy at all times. I’m hoping that we’ll see her before the end of the series.
  • More Bobby facts: The character, in Kripke’s words, was to be “avuncular and paternal and crusty.” Eric looked to the paternal figures in his life at the time and came up with Bob Singer and Kim Manners. So he named the character, “Bobby Manners.” It turns out they couldn’t legally use that name and had to come up with a new one. Bob wasn’t in that day so Eric just ended up naming him Bobby Singer.
  • One of my favorite moments was when a woman in the audience stood up and started talking about how often in a sixth season, the actors start getting executive producer credit. Both Jensen and Jared stood up, and with a lot of swagger, showed that they liked what the girl was saying. It was awesome. And hot.
  • Someone asked about ending the series again — everyone knows the Season 5 finale (“Swan Song”) was originally intended to be the series finale. And then the CW asked for Season 6. So whether it ends this year or next year or fifteen years from now (to which Jensen pretends to play an aged Dean in a wheelchair), Eric and Sera say they do have a coda that wasn’t used in “Swan Song” that they are saving. It’s locked up in a box and buried and if anyone were to open that box up there wouldn’t be anything but a spinning top. I love this show.

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