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PaleyFest 2011: Supernatural, Part 3 Directors Ben Edlund and Jensen Ackles 

This article contains mild spoilers for an upcoming episode…

Photo Credit: Kara Howland/TV Goodness

In Season 6, Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles was given the opportunity to make his debut behind-the-scenes. In “Weekend at Bobby’s,” he did a fine job on an episode that provided many challenges for any director, let alone a newbie director. It was recently announced executive producer and writer Ben Edlund would be taking the reins as director. And at this year’s PaleyFest for Supernatural, both Edlund and Ackles talked to moderator, Mo Ryan, about adding this new credit to their resume:

  • Mo wants to know two things about Ben Edlund’s directorial debut: A) Can he give any hints about the episode; and 2) Are there any puppets? Valid questions, I’d say. Ben says there will be no puppets. As for the hint (SPOILER ALERT): He says it’s going to be a very emotional epiosde. The fourth act is like a one-act play. It involves serious friendships and where they are and where they go.
  • About directing: he was scared. He doesn’t know how the cast and crew kept it together when he walked on the set.
  • I loved, loved, loved Jared Padalecki talking about Ben’s more sensitive and writer-based approach to directing. He says it was great to have a director who knows the arc of each character. Jared would talk to him about Sam so it was nice to have that passion and compassion from Ben.
  • But because Ben’s also a writer, he’d give really specific direction, something like when he’s walking he can think about how tough things have been for Sam…Meanwhile, Jared’s all just tell me where to go. But the passion is what made them want to work for him harder.
  • Jensen talks a little about his directorial debut being similar to Ben’s experience. It was “all headlights on the deer.” But he enjoys throwing himself into the deep end. Directing “Weekend at Bobby’s,” he wasn’t in it much so he could focus on what Jim was doing — and “he did a fantastic job.” Does he want to direct another episode? “I’d love to do it again. As long as he’s not in it.” (Of course he’s pointing to Jared)

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