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Moment of Goodness: Supernatural, PaleyFest 2011 

Photo Credit: Kara Howland/TV Goodness

I took the photo, which is why it’s blurry. Sorry! But that’s how close I was (yay!).

As any fan of Supernatural knows today was its day in the sun, its turn in the PaleyFest rotation, its… you get the picture. Although I’m not a superfan, I’m a very big fan and I’m so happy I got to attend the event. They actually started a few minutes early (the guys had a catch a plane back to Vancouver tonight), which is practically unheard of. We got some highlights, an extended look of the “acting” scene from “The French Mistake,” and a short preview of the western. It was awesome. It’s hard to pick just one moment of goodness from the panel because they were all so good but my favorite moment is when Jensen and Jared talk about Misha’s first day on set.

So, it’s Misha‘s first day and he’s got a scene with Jensen. Misha talked about how when he tried to talk to Dean in Castiel’s angel voice how it was blowing windows out. So he decided to pitch his voice super low (remember, he was only a guest star at the time) and deliver his lines. He thought that would make an impact, and it really did. Jensen and later Jared (who didn’t work with him at first) both thought something was wrong with him. Jensen says he turned to the cameraman mouthed his thoughts. I didn’t take notes (I was clearly too busy taking blurry photographs) so it was something like “Is this guy ok?” or “What’s wrong with this guy?” Misha always looks pensive (or “Like he’s going to the bathroom,” quips Jensen) and they just couldn’t figure him out. They thought he was strange and looked at him like he was a bit of a freak for a while. Misha thinks his Castiel voice might actually be doing damage to his throat.

For those of you (like me and Tina) who are waiting for more Cas, there is an episode coming up that’s from his point of view. That makes me think we’ll be seeing more of him when the hellatus concludes.

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