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Top Chef All-Stars “Fit For a King” 

Photo credit: Bravo

Let me say right now that I want Antonia or Richard to win the title. Even though Carla won three elimination challenges this season she’s been in the bottom quite a few times as well. Carla acknowledges that her inconsistency has been a result of her own self-doubts. Now, I don’t think Carla would have made it this far unless she was a great chef so it’s hard for me to hear her doubt herself. She’s prepared her best dishes when she’s cooked “her food,” as she puts it so I was hoping to see more of that tonight. This particular elimination challenge threw almost everyone for a loop though. I can’t imagine having to deal with a grease fire in the midst of a challenge and it got Carla off her game. Her overly sweet dish didn’t please the judges and unfortunately the honorific of Top Chef will continue to elude her. I’ll miss her.

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