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Cheesy Goodness: Haven tidbits 

Photo Credit: Syfy

We’ve got a few months before Haven‘s second season starts on Syfy, but I come bearing gifts! First, Jason Priestley has signed on for a four-episode arc and will direct an episode. Sightly spoily info is here, courtesy of TVline.

Second, Perfect Plan, a deliciously cheesy Canadian TV movie that Haven stars Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose did back in 2009 when Haven was just a twinkle in a writer’s eye, is in rotation this month on Lifetime Movie Network in the U.S. and next month on The Movie Network in Canada. The chemistry is there in spades, even before they were Nathan and Audrey. It’s supposed to be a noirish mystery, but you can pretty much spot the MacGuffin a mile out. You will howl, cringe, roll your eyes, and then clap giddily as you behold the power of cheese (with a few naughty bits thrown in) and are glad to have something new and Haven-y to enjoy during the long hiatus.

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