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We Need To Know: Why Haven’t We Seen More of John Stamos on Glee? 

Photo Credit: Fox

Now, it’s possible to read that question two ways. The first is: Why haven’t we seen him more often? The second is: Why haven’t we seen him without his shirt on? I think both questions are valid but I’m more interested in the answer to my first question. I mean, John Stamos has only been in four episodes this season. FOUR. Really? I was so excited when I heard he’d be guesting this season but I really did expect to see him more often.

Why haven’t we seen Doctor Carl more often?

Photo Credit: Fox

He’s been married to Emma for 4 months. I don’t need to see their domestic life or even more of Doctor Carl at his office, but I need to know he’s around. We got oh so many glimpses of him when he and Emma were dating and that was great. But now that they’re married all traces of him seem to have disappeared. We don’t even see him in “Sexy” until something like 40 minutes into the show. When he speaks up and asks “doctor” Holly for some help, I am so happy to hear it. Which brings us to my second question.

Why haven’t we seen Doctor Carl without his shirt on?

Photo Credit: Fox

I had to include his photo. How could I not? Although this is short of a shallow question, it brings me to something much deeper and so much more problematic. Why aren’t Carl and Emma having sex? I know Emma has issues but it seemed like Doctor Carl was breaking down her barriers and really helping Emma become a new person. Did the formal commitment put a halt to all that? And I’m not sure how I feel about Emma admitting to her feelings for Will. Is that the only reason she hasn’t done the deed with her husband? I have to applaud Doctor Carl for being so patient, but I can’t blame him for being frustrated. I am too. What did Emma think would happen when they got married? Also, how long does she think he’ll put up with her behavior? But back to John Stamos and my shallow question. We’ve seen every other guy shirtless this season (thanks for that, at least). Why does John Stamos have to be left out of the party? We want to see!

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