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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: Raising Hope “Cultish Personality” 

Photo Credit: Fox

I love it how Jimmy doesn’t realize he’s been tricked into joining a cult until it’s too late. Well, it’s not too late so much as he doesn’t realize it until after the fact. He’s never had any siblings so how would Jimmy know these guys want him to be more than just their brother-husbands? I like that they stepped up to the plate with Hope though. They were so cute with her! But I want to spend this time talking about the awesome parade of guest stars in tonight’s episode. Wow. I’m impressed.

Mary Lynn Rajskub. Photo Credit: Fox

What’s not to love about Mary Lynn Rajskub (except having to spell her name when I have no idea how to)? She’s been so busy since 24. It’s nice seeing her do comedy after doing such an intense, dramatic show for so long. Where else have you seen her recently? Royal Pains. But even more recently she was great on Modern Family as the only woman Mitchell’s had sex with and now she’s made an appearance on Raising Hope as a reverse polygamist. Love. It. Next, I’d like to see her on Cougar Town. Can we make that happen?

J.K. Simmons. Photo Credit: Fox

J.K. Simmons will never do any wrong in my eyes. Oh, wait. I don’t love it that he’s a pitchman for Farmers. Let me rephrase. He can do no wrong as an actor. Yeah, that’s what I meant. In tonight’s episode he’s a bit crochety and that’s when I love him most. Can you say J Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man? But the first time I ever remember him is from Oz. Wow. That leaves an impression. After that I wanted to see everything else he’s ever done. And he’s been busy; I’m going to condense. He’s guested in Jack & Bobby, Everwood, Arrested Development, The West Wing, and Party Down. He’s a cast regular on The Closer and has been in quite a few movies including I Love You Man and Up in the Air. I could go on and on but odds are you know who he is and you’re a fan. Welcome to the club.

And what about all the brother husbands? Paul F. Tompkins was just on Community. He was hilarious as a gay guy trying to pick Abed up. Hilarious. He’s also guested on Regular Show, Bob’s Burgers, and True Jackson, VP. You might recognize Kent Avenido from Glee. I loved him as adorable but pathetic Howard. I’ll admit to not knowing who Skyler Stone is. You might recognize him from guest roles The Defenders, The Mentalist, or Dark Blue. And the last brother husband is Christopher Frontiero. His only other tv guest spot is for Criminal Minds.

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