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We Need To Know: Is This The End for Huddy on House? 

Photo Credit: FOX

Let me set the record straight right now: I am a Huddy-shipper. I was so excited – especially after ALL that buildup – when these two got together. It’s nice to see House happy but as he said in last week’s episode, it seems to be making him a bad doctor. Despite that, we know exactly how House feels about Cuddy because he actually told her. He loves her. Awwww. But how do you react when the next sentence is about that love making you bad at your job? Cuddy couldn’t have been pleased. I mean, House’s job is to take on the most puzzling and challenging medical cases and try to save people’s lives. He needs to be focused and for that and by default, I guess he need to be cranky. We know how seriously Cuddy takes her job so those words couldn’t have been a great thing to hear. Cuddy puts up with a lot already. Can she put with up knowing her relationship with House takes away from his professional life? Is this the end for them?

I think (and hope) we’re going to get some answers tonight. We’ve seen Cuddy’s building frustration and discontent. We’ve seen House’s growing attachment and involvement. Even though I’m a fan of this relationship, I don’t want it to take away from Cuddy. She’s got a lot going on without having to worry about her boyfriend all the time. She’s running a hospital and raising a child. I think House needs to grow up in order for this relationship to succeed. His behavior in the last few episodes has been very frustrating and I’m surprised Cuddy’s put up with it this long. Cuddy has said repeatedly that she doesn’t want to change House and I think that remains true. She wants him to change for her without having to ask or make demands. And I think House will try to do it. He loves her, he needs her. Is she ultimately good for him? We’ll have to wait and see.

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