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Report Card: Saturday Night Live Host Miley Cyrus 

Photo Credit: NBC

When I heard that Miley Cyrus was hosting SNL, I thought to myself, no good could come of this.  But who knew I would be pleasantly surprised at this episode?  It’s not that she was that great, but most of the skits and mini-films were hilarious!  Talk about a gold mine this week with all the celebrity “melt downs.”  And SNL did not disappoint with the opening sketch:  A Charlie Sheen talk show!  Winning!  They put all the idiots in the news on it and it worked (Christina, John Galliano, Gadhafi).  Miley even was Lindsay Lohan and was not bad.  One thing I will say, as great as Bill Haber is, I still think Jimmy Fallon’s imitation of Charlie Sheen is priceless! (If you didn’t see it, click here.)

The other thing I liked about it was Miley was really a great sport.  They even did their skit, The Miley Cyrus show, where she played Justin Bieber (I knew that kid was a girl!  Just kidding!  Not really….) I think that shows a lot when you can sit there while someone is spoofing you.

Another great skit (the other guys in The Black Eyed Peas, talk show)  Andy Samberg and Kenan Thompson had a lot of fun and just cracked me up.  And then Miley playing Fergie and one of the new guys on the show playing, kept interrupting them.  (Side note:  Taboo actually has a book out, that he wrote!)

Then there was the baby spanx commercial.  They have actually showed this before, but it never gets old.  It just shows how ridiculous our society is about weight.   Could you imagine?  You know Rachel Zoe is going try to do that to her baby.

And of course, Seth Meyers and the Weekend Update.  He must of just sat back this week and thought, this is too easy!  I mean the news this week was like a sketch on Saturday Night Live. They must have gone home early during rehearsals.

If you haven’t seen the episode it is up on, so enjoy!

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